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Selling your home is a complex and strategic process. As a home seller, you want to sell your home as fast as possible and for as much money as possible. It is very difficult to attain these without proper preparation and a little bit of work. For the best chance at reaching these goals, create a list of the following items and check them off when completed. It's likely that you won't be able to complete them all. However, the more you are able to complete the greater chance you can sell your home quicker and for more money.

Promote Your Home Online
The digital age is here and it is here to stay. Having a strong presence online is quickly becoming the key component in selling your home for top dollar. Statistics say that upwards of 90% of home buyers search for homes online during their home buying process. Exposure is everything. Chances are there will be other homes on the market at the same time that are similar to yours. What can you do to make your house stand out from the rest of them? Property websites with professional pictures are a must. Too many times you see pictures taken with mobile phones. This looks very unprofessional and can turn potential buyers away. There are so many homes to choose from that unless your home stands out, buyers will just scroll to the next home and won’t give yours a second thought. Make sure that the website your home is promoted on is mobile responsive. Many people build a site without any knowledge about the importance of it being optimized for mobile devices. A majority of buyers will be searching for homes on their mobile devices. If not optimized correctly, these buyers will have a negative user experience and onto the next house they go.

Curb Appeal & Landscaping
When a home buyer is searching for a home, what is the first thing they see? They typically see an image of the front of the home taken from a vantage point near the road. This means that upon first impression, they will be seeing how groomed your yard is. Are the trees trimmed and pruned? Are there weeds growing up through the mulch in the flower bed? Do all your plants look healthy and cared for? These may not seem like a big deal, but buyers will build a perception of how well your home was maintained by how well the yard was. Putting a fresh coat of paint on your front door or installing a new door is also a wise decision. Whether viewing photos online or walking up to view it in person, the front door will be one of the first things buyers will see. Make sure it is in good condition and welcoming.

Don’t let it stop at the front yard either. Many buyers will be as equally interested in the back yard as they are the front. Why? For a lot of people, the back yard is one of the main areas to entertain their guests. It’s where they have barbecues and where their children play ball. There are many inexpensive things you can do that will immensely improve the look of your yard. If there are areas of your yard with dead grass or dirt patches, plant some grass seed. If the landscaping gravel is aged and worn, buy some new gravel and spread it over the pre-existing. If you have mulch that is faded and spots that are uneven, grab a few new bags and spread it out and level it off. Not only will these things make your yard look better, they are things that buyers won’t need to make a mental note of when creating a potential to-do list while viewing your home.

Decluttering your house is essential when selling your home. Space is something everyone wants in their home. Clean out those closets. This is especially important if you are living in an older home with small closets and very little in the way of storage. Clean out the pantry, cabinets, and drawers. Buyers will want to check to make sure all of their utensils, dinnerware, and canned goods will fit into the space. This is also a good time to start packing your belongings!

Make It Less Personal
Homeowners typically live in their home 10+ years. In Silicon Valley that number is a little less. During this time, they change every aspect of the home to fit their particular style. Hanging family pictures on the walls, painting their favorite shade of green on the living room wall, and decking out their daughter’s room in Minnie Mouse, it’s what homeowners do. Unfortunately, most everyone who views your home will not have the same tastes in decorations or paint colors. They will be examining every room and imagining how they can decorate the home to their style. If they see pictures from your vacation to Cabo, they won’t be able to see their pictures of their wedding hanging there. Consider painting the walls neutral colors. An off white or a light grey works very well.

Stage Your Home - Inside & Out
Stage your home with a purpose. When you stage rooms with a purpose, it makes the flow of the home much more fluid, and how the house flows is a primary selling point. Pick out the strong features of the home and make them a focal point. If your family room has a fireplace, position furniture around it in a way that makes it the focus of the room. If your home has an extra bedroom, stage it as an office. Do the same to the outside of your home as the inside. If you have a small patio out front set up a little table with a couple chairs. If you have a deck or patio in your back yard, set up some seating and a BBQ area. If you have a nice flower garden or spa, open up your seating to emphasize those things.

Make Small Repairs
It is inevitable that when you sell your house there are going to be some things the home inspection and agent walk-through will reveal that need to be fixed. However, there are some things that you can fix on your own before those reports even take place. If you have tile in your home, be sure there aren’t any cracks or missing tiles. If there are, take a bit of time and have them fixed or replaced. Sometimes a little scuff will occur on your baseboards or door trim. If there is no structural damage to the trim, just be sure to touch up the paint. If it is dented or chipped, consider buying a matching piece of trim and replace it. Leaks are a big concern for buyers. If they see outdated faucets or old water stains, be sure that there is no active leak. These small little tasks may not seem like much, but they add up. Too many of these little fixes could cause a buyer to offer less for your home.


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