Do you run a Business or do you have a sales job??

Education & Training with The Real Estate Masters Institute

Every morning I have a conversation with my business partner about how we can best support our associates in their developmental process.  How can we help them take their career to a level where they are feeling a deep personal satisfaction that allows them to fund their life mission?  As we were talking about different classes and mastermind sessions we can implement to ramp up their skills in lead generating, lead conversion, customer service and system implementation we had a sudden "A-ha!"  We are making the assumption that our associates are ready for this information when most of the time they may not already have the basic awareness and understanding they are no longer employees or people with sales jobs, but they are now full fledged business owners.


Over my 12 years in the real estate business, my acumen has gradually developed and many of my current skills as a business man came about through the unfortunate failures I faced along the way...the proverbial school of hard knocks, if you will.  I discovered through his 30 years in the business that his knowledge happened much in the same way as mine.  Neither one of us truly had a mentor, or formal teaching whatsoever, of what it meant to be a real estate agent, a business owner, nor someone developing the financial awareness of how to turn our sales practice into a business.  I truly believe over the years brokers tend to do a disservice to their associates by not teaching them what GCI, ROI, Net Income, Operating Expenses, etc are and how they impact not only what they put in the bank at the end of the day but how they impact the growth rate of their sales business over time.  So, we are now developing our Business Owners series of classes, with the first one being simply title Business Owners 101.  He and I are going to be discussing the charts from the Millionaire Real Estate Agent book by Gary Keller, as well as having our accountant discuss how to control the expenses, how to track them, and how to protect you as much as possible from the IRS.  I was in a meeting on Friday where a gentleman from the IRS said they are specifically targeting real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and builders this year, but at the same time they are going to put on their website the audit guidelines so we can do our part to be in better compliance.  Compliance, as I have seen over the years, is not always our strong suit as agents due to our wonderful people skills but sometimes lacking organizational there is another class!


We can't say how EXCITED we are that we are not only going to be developing our agents sales business and taking it to the next level, but that we are going to educate them on how to get their personal house in order, how to run their operation as a business instead of a sales job, and how to ultimately take their financial and personal lives to the next level.  We want to teach our agents how to create wealth and ultimately obtain Financial Freedom!   Wouldn't that be refreshing?


If anyone would like to be a part of these classes, don't hesitate calling or emailing me.  If we find there is enough demand out there, we may even consider doing webinar based programs in the near future.


Always Remember, There Are No Limits!


Jeff Bonham

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