Darth Vader Was Right (+Website TLC): Week-By-Week Marketing Pt. I

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Your Week-By-Week May Marketing Roundup Part I

Ideally, you'll want to start each week by following up with your buyer and seller leads, from any weekend Open House(s) you may have hosted or attended, with Parts I & II of your Open House Follow-Up Phone Script.  By the way - don't forget about your preparatory Plan Of Action we wrote for you.


Are you familiar with Star Wars Day on May 4th? (aka - "May the 4th Be With You.”)

Believe it or not, simplicity speaks volumes. Just ask Darth Vader.

Think back to that one Star Wars quote that virtually everyone knows (including us not-so-ardent fans):
“Luke, I am your father.” (Only alter it to: "Seller, I am your Agent.")

My point: 1 - 2 simple sentences can speak volumes and, in some cases, change lives.
Keeping this in mind, gently ease your way back into lives by simply and casually reminding them of your significant existence. 

Instead of asking for referrals right off the bat, send a short two-sentence text message or e-mail to touch base. Aim to reach out to 2 contacts per day this week

Speaking of "Luke, I am your father," this Friday, May 6th, think about sending out a quick Mother’s Day reminder (which lands on next Sunday, May 8th). Remember - keep it simple:

"Dear _____, 
Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 8th and I thought of you.
I consider you a part of my family and want to take the time to express my appreciation and gratitude of our journey together, in both business and life.

Have a wonderful weekend.



WEEK 2:  
In keeping with Sunday's nurturing parental vibe, focus on giving your website a little extra TLC (tender, loving care).

Make sure you:
- Cover 2 quick to-dos
 to ensure your website is "alive" (or active) and polished.
- Entice your website visitors to stick around by giving them something to click about.

While you’re at it - let us give you a little TLC and guidance on this week’s free Advanced Website Editing webinar - LIVE Tuesday, May 10th at 9:00 am (PST) / 11:00 am (CST) / 12:00 pm (EST).



Your Week-By-Week May Marketing Roundup Part 2:
Easy-On-The-Wallet Ways To Be Memorable


May the force be with you,



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