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How To Choose A Realtor That Is Right For You

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Choosing a Realtor is a task that many people learn the hard way that their choice wasn't necessarily the best way.  

I'd like to offer some suggestions as to How To Choose A Realtor That Is Right For You!


1. Never just look for a brand name.  

Now that may be a broad statement, but let me explain:  When you walk into any office there could be 2 agents, 10 agents or 50 agents.  Each agent may or may not represent you in the same way.

2.  Putting your house on MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is the job of any agent from any company associated with MLS.

Did you know that all agents and all real estate companies may not be associated with MLS.  Now that's not always a bad thing, it may not be a good thing either.  

3.  Price, Oh Yes Price!

Reality is not always the motivation of agents and/or sellers.  As a seller, price is an important factor in How to choose a Realtor that is right for you.  If you choose a Realtor because you like the price they suggested you may very well be crying the blues for months to come because your house isn't selling.  There are challenges at times that need to be addressed but price is always a factor, not the only one but certainly a factor.

4.  Commission Uh Oh!

We'll beat any other agent's commission!  

REALLY???  I often want to ask agents who they care about when offering reduced commission.  Marketing to agents who will show your home is done by commission along with price, condition and location.  Low commissions can hurt you in showings, time on the market and ultimately in offers.

5.  Exposure

How many options are available to maximize exposure to the buying public is determined by each office, even each office within a brand name.

6.  Agency or Agent

Now there are Agencies with well known names and ones not-so well known and yes that does matter, but what matters most is the care and concern an agent has for you the homeowner.  Do they care about Your needs? Your concerns? Your timeframe? Your destination? Your safety?  Do they care about YOU???

Yes the bottom line is Does Your Agent Care About YOU?  That is how you can know you've selected the right agent.  You won't care how much your agent knows until you know how much they care about you!


 Sara Homan, Realtor


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