The Power & Challenge of Rural Curb Appeal

Home Stager with Set The Stage

I owned a property with 4.5 acres - when it was time to sell, I knew this would be one of my biggest challenges!

We built this home ourselves - I designed the home from concept to completion - and we thought we would live there forever so all I had to think about was ‘what did I want'.

So the house was a vacation style home (sort of an A frame) with 1.5 stories and 16ft tall walls and a ceiling peek of 21 feet from the main floor and a wonderful window wall of tall angled windows that overlooked our piece of paradise and all the wild life in it.

Because of our desire to view the moose that lived in our backyard for parts of the year we wanted this main feature wall to face the back of the property rather than the road - who wants to pay for window coverings of 26ft x 21ft of window space? (the moose don't mind ;-) )

The side of the house that faced the road was also facing south and with the summer heat of the sun I didn't want all that heat being trapped in the house (it was a passive solar design) so we opted for smaller windows on that side of the house.

And being on that much property we didn't want to be right beside the road so of course the house is set back and lower than the road - very private - a private sanctuary I thought... and it was, so how from the road would I be able to entice buyers to check out this wonderful home when all they get is the ‘ass' end view of the house!?

I figured out a way after spending countless hours sitting way up by the road looking into the property from all possible angles... I couldn't see the front yard sitting area really because it was lower than the driveway, but I could see the entry way and the deck.

So off to the small local garden nursery I went and found some stunning flowers that I had never seen before - flowers in the most bright pink almost fluorescent the laves were pink too! Oh and orange ones too! I bought all the flats they had left and got busy planting into pots and arranging them on the sides of the deck stairs leading to the front door & hung baskets of these lovelies. It was instant success - but that was not all...

I had a yard devastated by an incompetent contractor that piled all the clay soil on top of our previously green lawn! So the entire perimeter of the house was clay dirt - nothing grows in clay! Then it occurred to me - what about ‘low maintenance' people love that!

2 Pick up truck loads later and a lot of shoveling and wheel barrow dumping we had all the dirt covered with cedar bark mulch - and moved some rather large boulders (found when digging the foundation) around for a more natural look. We then gathered up all the sandstone found on the property and created a rock pathway to the front steps - the change was amazing! It no longer looked like a construction project incomplete... It looked like ‘home'.

We still had one more challenge to overcome - that was our foundation, it was exposed for the top 3ft and our very trusty contractor refused to come and complete it. I don't know how to parge and the last thing I want to do is make it look worse! Then it hit me - FlexRock Granite Stone Coating by beauty-tone! I can roll it on and seal it and it's done - but best of all I can make it any color I want - so I applied a rock pattern with masking tape onto the concrete and applied this incredible stuff... It looked just like flag stone when I was done!

Best part of the story is that this cost us under $1000 and it just so happened that when I was finished we had a showing the next day - the couple came then left and made an offer an hour later for $70,000 - yes- Seventy Thousand dollars, more than our previous offer before I staged the inside of the home and the exterior!


That's the Power of Staging & not forgetting the Curb Appeal!

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