What's Your Key to Success in Real Estate Sales?

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Key to success

What's been YOUR key to success in real estate sales and entrepreneurship?
Please share below :)
Of course you want more sales in your business. If you carefully reflect on your past, you probably will see you already have the answer to "How to get more sales."
I'm asking you to share what you feel has worked for you in the past or what is currently working for YOU now. It just might be the key to unlocking your real estate sales success!
Here's my two cents....
If you reflect on what's worked in your past, you may discover what will most likely work for you to grow into the future.
For you it might be networking, or google ad words or simply picking up the phone and asking previous clients for more business...
Here's my story...
Ken Brown, my mentor and coach, told me "success leaves clues." He's right.
My personal success clue is SERVICE.
Every successful project I've completed, been involved with and supported revolved around SERVICE to others.
My best clients have been the ones I've served at the highest possible levels.
In 2012 I donated several thousand toys to families in need within my "farm market." My business doubled and I earned $200,000 in just 6 weeks by serving others.
In 2002 I founded a college student organization to honor the achievement of minority students on campus. We raised $25,000 in just 4 months for our organization. Recruiters threw job offers at me. Ford, Intel, John Deere, Kimberly Clark just to name a few. All starting at 50k or more...
In 1999 I raised $1,000 in 3 days for earthquake victims in India. Later, I receive a job that paid for my room and board for my remaining 3 years of college. $15,000 plus student loan interest and fees saved...
All of my successful ventures included service to others, first. Every time I committed to this goal, I was taken care of too!
All of my failures and failed projects contained clues too. There was no service to others. It was all about me.
That's my story. I want to hear yours.
Please share your key to success below...
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Michael Oden

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