Accurate Performance Data and Rankings from our MLS

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I've been working with our local MLS to achieve what I consider to be accurate performance data and rankings of individual field agent sales volume performance. 

For some reason, there is no difference in our local MLS rankings between an on-site/new construction/builder agent VS a "team member" agent, VS a broker-purchase/investor/flip, VS an "individual field agent". 

When you think about it, this is like comparing apples to oranges, which is just silly as we all hold great value to, and pay for, and are held liable for, accurate data within our local MLS organizations.

For example, I'd prefer to know that I'm actually ranked in the top 50 of all "individual field agents" in my market, VS simply the "top 100 of all agent activity".

It's a cumbersome task to try and comb through this manually and sort things out. 

Hopefully, this level of accuracy will soon be just a click away, within our local MLS. 

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