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Before  Like it or not technology will be bringing a virtual furniture delivery to a home near you. While every new technology has it's pro's and con's I'm choosing to write a one sided blog. I'm sure there will be plenty of comments on why virtual furniture might be a bad thing.
 As veteran agents we've been in so many homes through the years that by contact and exposure we've all become mini decorators. This just isn't so for the majority of the public. They go to their jobs in whatever their chosen field and then when it's time to shop for a home in an unfurnished property we exclaim "it's a blank palette, you can do whatever you want with it It has so much potential." The problem is that after the blank palette part we were just static. 

   Virtual furnishing give the buyer prospect a starting place other than a blank palette. If as veteran agents we can't communicate what we know with a buyer, what good are we? Giving them ideas as to what unfurnished home might look like is just good communication and sharing of knowledge. As long as there is no manipulation of structure this is a good tool to help buyers. As a sellers agent it's probably in our fuduciary to present the sellers best possible way possible even if that's a technology that's on the cutting edge. Do you want to be the agent on the cutting edge? Virtual furniture delivered tommorow. 


Here is an example of before and after virtual furniture. Traditionally you will see services charge $ 40.00 or more for virtual photos but I think the prices are going to fall soon and fast. I am a full time agent but I photograph for other agents in my office and will most likely charge between $ 6-7 a photo as an add on to my photo shoots. Personally, I think we did the seller justice. 

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Michele Connors
The Overton Group, LLC Pitt & Carteret County - Greenville, NC
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I never imagined this coming into the realm of RE ! Wow , inventive !

May 03, 2016 11:00 AM