What is the allure of living in Terrell Hills, Texas?

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Why Do People Live here?

Terrell Hills is an upscale small city with a charming neighborhood of primarily single family homes which is conveniently located just 5 miles northeast of downtown San Antonio.  It is a family neighborhood with many of families having lived here a couple of generations.  It's proximity to the San Antonio Country Club (SACC) attracts many C-level executives and their families.  SACC is the oldest country club in Bexar County and was one of the first in the great state of Texas. 


Terrell Hills is truly a city with it's own city charter, mayor, city council, police department, fire deparment and emergency services personnel.  Most residents are known to the city staff and employees.  We are small and we like it that way.  Yes, I live in Terrell Hills.

Looking for a home in Terrell Hills?

Interested in finding  a home for sale in Terrell Hills?

Keep in mind, that there are some properties which are private/pocket listings.  Give me a call if you can't find what you are searching for and I will check the status on some of the private/pocket listings.


There are numerous local and national celebreties who live in Terrell Hills, and generally those listings are not public as this type of Seller doesn't need to have "Lookey-Loos" walking through their private residences. 


What's it like living in the neighborhood?

Neighborly comes to mind.  It truly is a family neighborhood.  It is a tight knit community with many residents making life long friendships which continue for generations.   From young single professionals to the mature retired jet-setting crowd, you will find them all in Terrell Hills.


We have a July 4th parade, city park and city employees who are part of the family.  Daily walks are a must for many residents.  You will make friends quickly if you are a regular walker.  The proximity to San Antonio Country Club allows for easy summer fun as the entire family heads to the large swimming club area.  Although most family homes have pools, more and more families are using the pool at the club as their children become more immersed into socialization activities. 


Variety of homes in Terrell Hills

Some of the first homes built in Terrell Hills were built when the community was developed in 1919.  Very few of those homes still stand.  The majority of the homes were built in the 30s, 40s and 50s.  Many of Bexar County's most expensive properties are located here and there are always a variety of homes for sale in Terrell Hills.  From small cottages on small lots to large palatial homes on estate sized lots.  Most of the older homes have been updated extensively.  Many of the smaller homes are either updated or have been replaced by new construction homes.  The mega mansion phase continues as the properties tend to hold their values.


The smallest homes in the neighborhood start with 2 bedrooms while the larger floor plans have a seven or eight bedroom layout with some of the estate size properties having quarters for staff.  Most of the lots range between 1/4 acre and a 1/2 acre so there is plenty of room.  The estate sized lots are generally 1/2 to 3/4 acre lots.  The are three or four lots which have more than 5 acres..... they are rare and have been identified as the most expensive property in Bexar County. 

Terrell Hills has variety.  If you have the money, you will find your dream home here.


Access to shopping, restaurants, parks, airports....

Due to the central location of Terrell Hills just north of downtown San Antonio, commute time to other parts of San Antonio are within an easy drive.  It is one of the 3 small villages making up the area of San Antonio referred to by the locals as "the Tri-City area":  Terrell Hills, Olmos Park and Alamo Heights.  The first Central Market (created by local grocer HEB) is 1 block from Terrell Hills.  (Insider tip:  the locals call it: Gucci-B.)  Shopping along Broadway, N. New Braunfels St. and Austin Highway allow plentiful options for the residents.  The Sunset shopping center is just down the street and has everything from a pharmacy to a wonderful local coffee shop. In the mornings you will find the natives walking or running along Eldon Road, which is considered the main thoroughfare through the neighborhood.  Often times, "out of towners" (meaning non-residents of Terrell Hills) will come to jog Eldon Road to "accidently" meet someone they have been trying to meet.  All of the residents actually know the routine of others in the neighborhood and can spot these out-of-towners easily. 

Broadway is lined with restaurants and antique shops.


The airport is 5.8 north and there are many routes to access the airport. 


Brackenridge Park, the largest park in Bexar County, is within 2 miles.


We even have our own park:  Terrell Hills Playground which was recently established. 


Two schools districts found within Terrell Hills

If you buy a home for sale in Terrell Hills, TX, the local schools serving this area are Alamo Heights Independent School District and North East Independent School District. 

Now You Really Want to Find a Home Here, Right?

If you are interested in the current listings in Terrell Hills, click on the link. Our 'for sale' property information is a direct feed from the SABOR  MLS and is updated multiple times per day.


Take a drive with me down Geneseo Road in the YouTube video below.  It is the most prominent street of Terrell Hills and you can see for yourself the varying styles of homes.  Enjoy the rain!






If you are looking for an experienced agent, who is also a resident of Terrell Hills, call me!  I'll be happy to give a personal tour of our little town. 



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