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Pizza ARTista - name fully deserving because the fresh, oven baked pizza really is a work of ART! Not only that, the pizzas are not extreamly pricey! For only $8.99, you can create your own personalized pizza with EIGHT toppings!! That's right, 8 toppings for only 9 gets better: the pizza is so large, you are sure to have leftovers! We went with 6 people and not one of us finished our whole pizza (even the guy)! Depeding on the person, one half or three fourths of the pizza is plenty of food. And who doesn't love leftover pizza for breakfast?! I'm talking it up so much I feel like this should be a commercial...

So like I said, there's the option to customize your own pizza. The choices are endless: including organic, vegan, and gluten-free options. Then there's also the signature pizzas you can choose from, which the professionals have perfected! They have the classics like five cheese and BBQ chicken, but they also have their own unique pizzas, AND (my favorite part) they have a whole section of Cajun inspired pizzas--GENIUS! We came eat here and made sure to all try different pizzas so we could give y'all an idea of each one (and we took pics!).


First we'll start with Ashley who ordered the Classic Veggie. Along with your choice of dough, this pie comes with red sauce, mozzarella, onions, mushrooms, green bell peppers, black olives, sliced tomatoes, and green onions! "Vegilicious! Not only was the pizza super satisfying, but the people were so friendly. Great customer service!"-Ashley


Victoria B. decided to get creative and build her own masterpeice. On wheat dough (which "tastes the same as white but is more nutritious") she piled alfredo sauce, mozzarella cheese, italian sausage, spinach leaves, dried tomatoes, acadian bacon, black olives, pinapple, and added a pesto drizzle. "Wow I should become a signature pizza creator cause this is the best pizza I've ever eaten." Sidenote: the pizza only tastes half that good because of the fresh ingredients and one-of-a-kind wood stoned oven. Look how good it looks. "Not gonna lie, this was already my favorite pizza place before we came here, so I'm a little biased. Always super good and the staff is SO friendly. I love that I can see my pizza being cooked in the oven! But my favorite is the hand washing station haha." 


On that note, lets discuss the hand washing station. Sounds pretty boring right? First thing that pops into my mind is waiting in the caffateria line in middle school and washing our hands (*passing them under dripping water*) in the trough-like sinks. Now get that vision out of your mind! At Pizza Artesia, they have a machine with two holes in it. You stick you hands in it and it washes them for you!! The soapy water is the perfect warm I can never seem to get in the sink. And our hands all felt SO soft afterwards. We then proceeded to grab (and wear) the "I washed my hands!" stickers that are most likely (deffinitely) for the children...


With clean hands, Victoria F. dug into a "delicious White Pizza with chicken, feta, mozzarella, parmesean, artichoked, and mushrooms! Extra crispy made just the way I like it, 10 out of 10!" Ouu sounds amazing...cheese is my weakness too girl. 



Amy went for the Classic Cajun! This one-of-a-kind pizza has spicy red sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, canadian bacon, crumbled beef, italian sausage, bacon, andouille, tasso, and cajun sausage. MAN just listing out the ingredients talks it up enough huh? 



"Light, love the crust, great atmosphere, and wonderful staff!" -Christie. Well, that about covers it doesn't it! She enjoyed a cheese, peperoni, and pinapple pizza! 'Light' is definitely a good description for these pizzas! They don't try to cover their flavors up with lots of dough or deep dish, the pizza is fresh and...well, light! 


Byron 'big cheesin' with his Artista pizza. This beauty (the is made with red sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, italian sausage, crumbled beef, canadian bacon, onions, mushrooms, bell pepper, and black olives! "Great pizza with fresh ingredients! If you like Subway Sandwhiches or Izzo's Illegal Burittos, you're going to love Pizza Artista!" There you have it folks, Byron's approval. (did you spot the sticker...I wasn't kidding)


Although the pizza itself was spectacular, the staff made this experience that much better! Everyone was so friendly and happy to be working. LCH Home Team appreciates the hospitality and will definitely be back!!




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