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Staten Island Home Buying Advice

  Getting the home inspection is near the last part of the process when you're out house hunting, and there are a few intermediate stages that you'll need to go through to locate that perfect property. If you've ever been out house hunting before or are in the middle  of looking for a home, you know that the whole thing isn't as easy as you might have thought-it requires a basic knowledge and understanding of a few basic principles. Remember that it can be time consuming and that some of the questions raised often lead to more questions for those who don't have a clear idea about what they want from the outset.


Be patient and channel the uncertainty by learning all you can about the process involved. Too often people buy a home that they think is what they want only to find out later that it doesn't meet all of their needs.


One of the first things that you'll need to do is narrow down your market. This simply means that you can start off by selecting a neighborhood that you feel suits everything that you and your family will need it for. Take a look around at the things that are around the home that you're interested in-are their schools nearby? How about shopping and a transportation system? Even if you don't need these things right away, you should keep an eye to the kind of things that will increase resale value as well. Although you most likely won't be thinking of resale when you first get into the place, it's good to keep all the possibilities in mind.


A drive through the area will give you a feel for the traffic at different times and a broader outlook for the area. For the next step, it's a good idea to get connected with a good real estate agent who will know more about the prices in the area. A good agent knows the area and will give you insights into the market, show you the property, and ultimately guide you through the process of putting in the offer and eventually finalizing the deal. The relationship between you and the agent is based on trust and you should never feel shy about testing their knowledge on a variety of subject matters.


A great agent will also be able to help with any problems that are disclosed as a result of the home inspection. Many of the best contractors can tell you that they often get referrals from real estate agents who are trying to help a client get the best repair or upgrade for their new property. For the first time buyer, it's good to pick an agent that has a list of reliable contractors at the ready. These are the kinds of contacts that are cultivated though years of experience.


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