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Bad Rap for Millennials by Cheryl Spangler

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Millennials: Born between 1981-2000, makes up over 80MIL Americans (the same amount in the baby boomer category) get a bad rap, let me share my thoughts related to he housing industry.
1. They live at home longer- not because they are lazy but because they are the first generation in American history that are projected to make less than their parents did, and they’re burdened with massive student loan.
2. They are getting married later.. Therefore it's taking them longer to purchase after all,the median age of marriage is 30 years old, compared to 23 years old in the 1970s.
3. It's not cheap to live in the city!!! the higher cost of urban living means that they’re renting longer.
4. Studies show that millennials have “similar conservative risk tolerance tendencies as the WWII generation”—52% of their assets are cash.

Essentially home buying isn't about AGE, it's about your family status. I believe all age groups need to be given the opportunity to receive GREAT knowledge on the topic of real estate.

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Cheryl Spangler

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