You can do it! Ditch and Downsize.

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You can do it! Ditch and downsize.


Author Jeff Yeager, AARP savings expert, wrote for AARP (July 2015) on downsizing and reclaiming space. Thanks Jeff!  These tips are timeless. Moving from a large home to a smaller home is a no brainer but the following is helpful whether or not you plan to move.  To help you get started, look at the visuals HERE!


  1.  Debt

  2.  Clothing

  3.  Off-site storage

  4.  Exercise equipment

  5.  Kitchen appliances and gadgets

  6.  Second car

  7.  Childhood memorabilia

  8.  Furniture Reclaim some space in your home - recycle.

  9.  Books, magazines and DVDS

10.  Files

11.  Decorations


The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word downsizing refers to homes.  No excuse for not getting started.  You need not wait for your house to sell. Begin with one category at a time and then give yourself an "atta boy" for each milestone.  Enjoy your reclaimed space. You may decide not to move. 


                   And please don't forget to donate and to recycle.  recycle        You can do it.  Ditch and downsize! 


Did you know you can downsize your mortgage payments dramatically? A reverse mortgage allows you to tap the equity in your home and the money can be used any way you want.  To learn the details, call me, Jack Tenold, at 800-617-3105. Learn more about reverse mortgage for purchase or reverse mortgage for refinance.  


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Comments (3)

Gwen Kelly
Broadmoor Realty, Inc - Long Beach, CA
Long Beach, CA Real Estate

These tips are indeed timeless; and we dont need to be moving soon to take them to hart.  We woul all be better off de-cluttering!

May 20, 2016 03:03 AM
Jack Tenold
Jack Tenold LLC - Spokane, WA
Specializing in Reverse Mortgages

 Hi Gwen,thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your comments. 

Jun 03, 2016 01:05 PM
Winston Heverly
Winston Realty, Inc. - Atlantis, FL

A great informative post, glad I came across it in the archives. Thanks for sharing.

Jun 19, 2016 01:15 PM