The Importance of a Solid Online Marketing Plan in Real Estate

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The Importance of a Solid Online Marketing Plan in Real Estate
Now, more than ever, a heavy focus on internet marketing is crucial to both attracting new clients and servicing current clients in the best way possible. According to the National Association of Realtor’s “Highlights from the 2015 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers”, 42% of buyers began their home search online. 82% of home buyers found websites as a useful source, and 87% of buyers found home photos to be very useful in their online home search.

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The Importance of a Solid Online Marketing Plan in Real Estate

When you think about those statistics, close to half of all home buyers turn to the internet before reaching out to their real estate agent. That’s a huge aspect to consider as an agent! What are you doing to demonstrate your real estate marketing expertise? Developing a solid online marketing plan is key to a successful business model in today’s market. A set game plan for how and when you will market your listings is a sure way to sell your clients’ properties faster as well as reach potential buyers who are actively searching the web for quality homes.

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The Importance of a Solid Online Marketing Plan in Real Estate

It has been shown that the first two weeks are critical during a home’s time on the market. Because of this, a set plan is needed to confirm that all available marketing channels are covered. There’s really no such thing as too much marketing. A constant stream of picture uploads, blog postings, website updates, and social media blasts is the best way to be certain that your listing is getting noticed.
The very first place our Louisville Real Estate Pros team focuses on marketing is the local MLS. This reaches every local real estate agent, so close attention to the home’s specific details is key. We take our time to use professional photographs and unique verbiage that paints a picture of the lifestyle that each home may offer. While the location, size, and number of bedrooms are all of the top sorting features most agents use when searching for homes for their clients, the description you use on the MLS can make all the difference!

The next step in our marketing plan is to make sure the home is listed on as many real estate related websites as possible. Our main focus is placed on,,,, and The first three sites are great resources for buyers who are doing their own home search online. allows for detailed listing information, but also as a forum to write about your city. It’s a great website for demonstrating your local expertise. Here, on, we focus on the same thing. While we may post the listing itself, Louisville Real Estate Pros uses this site to talk about the community or neighborhood in which the home is located. Marketing the area where the home is located can be just as beneficial as marketing the home itself. Many buyers focus on location first.


The Importance of a Solid Online Marketing Plan in Real Estate
Louisville Real Estate Pros also focus our time on crafting comprehensive blog posts about the home for sale. We place a lot of emphasis on what a life in the home could potentially look like. Descriptive verbiage about each room, combined with professional photographs, allows the potential buyer to get a true view of the home from their own computer. Writing about some nearby entertainment or shopping options, parks, and the possible commute are great ways to market the listing. The main goal here is to paint a picture of how the home might make you feel once you step inside thus creating a desire for the buyer to check it out themselves.


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Outside of the direct online marketing focusing on a specific listing, we also concentrate our time on increasing our brand presence on Google. Each time we have a closing, a press release is distributed. Our brand is marketed on every photo in each post to maximize name mentions in each image and blog. SEO is boosted through the use of long-tail keywords that are commonly searched in our local market. Bringing as many potential clients, both buyers and sellers, to your website with the aid of a solid online marketing plan is the best way to make use of such a massive tool.

While the personal connections are what set us apart as the best real estate agents out there, internet marketing has become the foundation for building a strong and growing business. Clients want to see what you will provide them. They want to know that you have the abilities to blast their listing out there to as many potential buyers as possible. If you can show them your marketing mastery, you’ve already set yourself a step above the rest.


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