Winning the Derby and Winning in Homebuying... Similar Fashion.

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As I'm sure many of you know, Nyquist won the Kenturcky Derby just over the weekend.

Named after NHL player Gustav Nyquist, gives owner J. Paul Reddam, trainer Doug O'Neill and jockey Mario Gutierrez their second Derby winner under sunny skies and in front of the second largest crowd in Derby history. Pretty impressive.

Preparation, strength, performance, belief, determination, organization, accountability, great coaching, and of course timing all played a crucial role in this glorious achievement.

What does winning a race like this and enjoying success in home ownership have in common you ask?

There's alot more similarities than meets the eye... (even though the ladies usually leave their fancy, most amazing hats back in Kentucky.)

Call me and let me explain it to you, I'll set you on the winning track today.

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