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April 28, 2008

WebTV Realtor & Entrepreneur: Corpus Christi - Padre Island, Texas

By: Mr. C. KIM McGuire

Web Revolution Continues to NEW Heights

The Opportunity is crazy and Unlimited. A little learning here and there from KIM McGuire, whamo... Gigo MONEY time to pay off the bills, donate to charity, college fund, and how about a vacation. Ask yourself:

  • I'm sick and tired of mounting bills?
  • I'm tired of living month-to-month?
  • I haven't had a vacation in a long time?
  • I'd like to donate to charities more often?
  • I like being my own boss?
  • I could've, but I didn't and missed the boat?

Realtors, Home Inspectors, Mortgage Lenders, and Anyone Else: Are you STRESSED and tired of the real estate and job market? Do you need primary or secondary income? Still want to be YOUR Own Boss? Do YOU want to make MONEY by helping others?

ATTITUDE of Optimism!

If you are reading this blog, then you are 25% there in starting a new business for yourself in making Gigo MONEY! Nearly anyone who can use the internet and talk to small businesses and people can learn from KIM McGuire to make MONEY! $550+ at a time, plus residual income. For Real Estate Professionals, this business will get your name out more in the communities and get you MORE future realty customers!

The MONEY making POTENTIAL is Unlimited! No secrets or complexities about it. No products to purchase or sell. NO multi-level marketing! It ONLY involves use of one's knowledge and helping businesses and people as taught by KIM McGuire. It's KIM's own formulated business.

Make MONEY Today! Get the one-on-one training from KIM and start IMMEDIATELY in your communities to make MONEY! Call KIM today @ 361-215-8612 or send hime an email via


Note: Contents of this article are the sole opinion of the REALTOR and Entrepreneur. Just like anything else in life, individuals MUST use their own research, analytical, decision, and prediction skills! 

Padre Island Weather: Gorgeous and Peachy!

 Optimism is in my blood! I have Attitude of Gratitude and that's what I teach my Twins. Optimism is a matter of viewing On Top of the Box, All Around the Box, Under the Box, Outside of the Box, and yes, In The Box! Cheers, KIM.

Call Mr. C. KIM McGuire, WebTV REALTOR & Entrepreneur @ 361.215-8612, a Coastal Area Real Estate - Corpus Christi to Padre Island to Port Aransas Realtor!

 KIM McGuire Sells "Home Sweet Homes!"

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