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I am a Real Estate Broker and I am fortunate enough to get to work in the Frisco, Texas and other great areas of DFW.  I'm "in the trenches" daily; and, when that happens, you get a pretty good feel of the areas you think are the "best."

While not every area or community will appeal to 100% of buyers or consumers for one reason or another, there are definitely some communities and subdivisions which come up time and time again when buyers are discussing purchasing a home in a particular city.

This article focuses on homes for sale in Frisco TX and what are the best neighborhoods in Frisco Texas? (Point of interest - Frisco is certainly not a cheap place to buy, so the "low end" buyers are around $350,000+)

So, as I set off to write this piece, I already had a good idea of the neighborhoods in Frisco I felt were the top areas and what I'd include as the "best."  But, what criteria could I use other than my biased opinions?  I needed to include some criteria which would make this process a fair and as close to possible "impartial" system.  I decided on the following criteria required to make my list:

  1. Desirability - how desirable were the areas and subdivisions included in my list?  Where clients and buyers constantly talking about these neighborhoods?  Each time I got a new buyer client in Frisco, would one of these subdivisions be one of the first ones they wanted to see?  How was the word of mouth from friends?  As a professional Realtor, you should know that any client's friends seemingly always have better advice for your client than you do.  So, what were their friends telling them?  Time and time again, the subdivisions listed below were some of the first neighborhoods mentioned by new clients - depending upon their price range.  Other questions -  How quickly were the homes selling within the neighborhoods on the list?  Were there bidding wars each time a home in the neighborhood came onto the market?   All of the things mentioned above boiled down to, again, desirability.  Therefore, "Desirability" is first of criteria for the best neighborhoods in Frisco.
  2. School District - homes for sale in Frisco ISD seemingly fly off the shelf because of the outstanding reputation of the schools and school district as a whole.  While small sections of the City of Frisco might be in other school districts and have Frisco homes for sale in Lewisville ISD and homes in Little Elm ISD, I decided that in order to be a part of this list, the neighborhood had to be within Frisco ISD.  Best neighborhoods in Frisco list means (to me) that both neighborhood and school district needs to be Frisco.  In addition, I wanted the best neighborhoods to be served by the absolute best schools within Frisco ISD.
  3. Quality of the home - some subdivisions and neighborhoods in Frisco are known to have better quality homes and construction.  These subdivisions were most likely constructed by the more reputable builders in the area.  So, looking at the list of builders involved in the original construction, the amenities and the finish-outs of the homes in a particular neighborhood became one of the sets of criteria by which we judged.

The Top Frisco TX Neighborhoods:

The neighborhoods below are in no particular order and are not ranked.  These simply are simply the neighborhoods and subdivisions we felt were the best in Frisco.  Again, this is absolutely an opinion article and nothing more.

The Trails of Frisco

Residential construction started in The Trails of Frisco around 1999 and continued until around 2004.  This was one of Frisco's first mega subdivisions and features two community pools, tennis courts, walking and jogging trails and a very large number of homes.  The subdivision has multiple phases, a local golf course and even some of the best Frisco golf course homes.  It isn't unusual to see residents in the Trails riding around on their own personal golf carts.  Those wanting a local golf course in Frisco love living in the Trails.

The homes for sale in Frisco Trails price from approximately $300,000 to $700,000 with children in the neighborhood attending Fisher Elementary or Corbell Elementary, Cobb Middle School and either Wakeland High School or Reedy High School.  Recent changes in school zoning have moved The Trails homes to Reedy High School as opposed to the prior zoning of Wakeland.

Panther Creek Estates

Another very large subdivision with multiple phases and pricing to fit most budgets of those wanting homes in Frisco, Panther Creek is located on the east side of the North Dallas Tollway and is very similar in number of homes, amenities and prices as The Trails.  In fact, we like to say that Panther Creek is to the east side of Frisco as The Trails is to the west side.

One advantage of Panther Creek over the Trails is the newer construction.  Originally developed around 2004 to 2005, these homes for sale in Frisco Panther Creek range in price from around $250,000 to $600,000.  So, besides the fact that they are newer than the homes in the Trails, they are also a touch less expensive.

Zoned to the excellent schools of Tadlock Elementary, Maus Middle and Frisco Heritage High School, parents can rest easy knowing that these schools all have a 9/10 rating on

Newman Village

Exclusive, expensive and superb are words used to describe the homes for sale in Newman Village Frisco.  This gated community is located off Eldorado Parkway in northwest Frisco and is home to some of the best residential architecture in the city.

The Newman Village neighborhood features a large, common area pavilion with fountains, sculptures, a community pool, clubhouse and outdoor meeting areas.  The expensive homes surround the center of the "village" which is the pavilion.

Homes in the Newman Village neighborhood range in price from approximately $700,000 to $2,000,000.  Children within the subdivision attend Newman Elementary, Trent Middle and Frisco Lone Star High School.


One of Frisco's first exclusive neighborhoods, Starwood has an excellent location near the Dallas Tollway and Lebanon.  Being one of the first exclusive neighborhoods means that the homes were originally constructed starting in the late 1990's.

Exclusive neighborhoods aren't cheap and I think that probably goes without saying.  Homes for sale in Frisco Starwood range in price from $700,000 to over $3,000,000.  

The location of Starwood is awesome and provides residents easy access to some great shopping at the Shops at Starwood.

Children within the subdivision attend Spears Elementary School, Hunt Middle School and Frisco High School

Chapel Creek

"Custom, gorgeous and luxury" describes Chapel Creek.  Some of the nicest homes in Frisco are located in the Chapel Creek neighborhood.  Originally developed in the early 2000's, these homes are large floor plans with most being over 5,000 square feet.

The homes for sale in Chapel Creek in Frisco price from around $850,000 to over $3,000,000.  Frisco ISD covers the Chapel Creek neighborhood in Spears Elementary, Hunt Middle School and Frisco High School.


Located near the Stonebriar Country Club area of Frisco, this neighborhood is home to the most expensive homes in Frisco.  Some of these luxury homes for sale in Frisco Stonebriar date back to the late 1980's and offer lots over two acres.

Some of the homes in Stonebriar are zoned the Lewisville ISD while others are zoned to Frisco ISD's Spears Elementary, Hunt Middle School and Frisco High School.

Most of the homes in the area were built beginning around the year 2000 and price between $500,000 to over $6,000,000.  The homes in Stonebriar pricing at the top are the ones offering views of the golf course on the country club and large lot sizes.

Christie Ranch

West of the North Dallas Tollway near Eldorado Parkway, the homes for sale in Christie Ranch were originally developed around 2006.  However, buyers can still catch a few new homes being constructed in the neighborhood.

The pricing on Christie Ranch homes in Frisco start around $350,000 and go to about $600,000.  Christie Ranch children attend Boals Elementary, Trent Middle School and Frisco Lone Star High School.  Boals gets a perfect 10 rating from Great Schools and Lone Star gets a 9/10.

With a moderate price range, good location and excellent feeder schools, Christie Ranch is still a bargain in the Frisco home market.

Frisco Lakes by Del Webb

This is a retirement community for buyers over 55 years of age.  Since children cannot reside within the neighborhood, there is no need to mention schools or the school district.  

Located on the western side of the City of Frisco near Little Elm and The Colony, this community offers active adults some great amenities like swimming, fitness, social gatherings and an 18 hole golf course on the property.

Since this is a retirement community, all of the homes for sale in Del Webb Frisco Lakes are single story plans and reach a maximum size of 3000 square feet.

Pricing per square foot is a tad higher than some of the other subdivisions within the same price range, but those other subdivisions cannot guarantee a child-free neighborhood for those empty nesters wanting this type of lifestyle.  Pricing on Frisco Lakes homes run from approximately $250,000 to $600,000.

Over 55, empty nester and want an active community?  This is your place!

Shaddock Creek

Excellent location, gated community, upscale luxury homes and gorgeous architecture describe the homes for sale in Frisco Shaddock Creek.

Located on Legacy across from Wakeland High School, buyers will find homes pricing between $500,000 to over $1,300,000.  The more expensive homes are along Legacy Drive with the less expensive prices off of Teel Parkway.

Buyers can expect four to five bedrooms with 4000 to 6000 square feet in homes which were built around 2007 and newer.  This means these luxury homes in Frisco will be adorned with upgraded finishes, bonus rooms like media rooms, game rooms, libraries and studies, and solid stone counters like granite or quartz.

Children living within the Shaddock Creek neighborhood attend Pink Elementary School, Griffin Middle School and Frisco Wakeland High School.

Heather Ridge

Still a good bargain, the homes for sale in Heather Ridge in Frisco TX price from a "modest" $450,000 to near $600,000.  Buyers will find homes built around 2005, mostly on two stories but with square footage from between about 3700 to 5000 square feet.  Most of the homes within Heather Ridge will have media rooms, game rooms and open floor plans.

The Heather Ridge neighborhood is off of Teal Parkway and Main Street on the west side of Frisco.

Families living with the Heather Ridge subdivision will send their children to Carroll Elementary School, Cobb Middle School and Wakeland High School.

If you're looking for an upper-scale home at what is still a reasonable price in Frisco, Heather Ridge should be one of the first neighborhoods on your radar.

Phillips Creek Ranch

Phillips Creek Ranch has burst onto the Frisco housing scene within the past couple of years and doesn't show any sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Multiple builders are constructing new Frisco homes for sale in Phillips Creek Ranch at a furious pace.  Pricing on these new homes (and lightly lived-in preowned homes) starts around $450,000 and ranges to near $1,000,000.

New Frisco ISD schools await the new owners of Phillips Creek Ranch homes and children living within the neighborhood attend either Hosp Elementary or Bledsoe Elementary, Pearson Middle School and the new Reedy High School in Frisco.

Phillips Creek Ranch is one of the hottest neighborhoods in one of the hottest markets (Frisco).  This neighborhood has to make our list, right?

Your Thoughts?

So what do you think?  Did we accurately name the best subdivisions and neighborhoods in Frisco?  Any neighborhood you think we forgot?  Tell us what you think below.

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