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Podcast : Jack Cotton in Luxury Homes Expert.....

Real Estate Agent with Pat Hiban Interviews Real Estate Rockstars and Founder of Rebus University

In real estate, wouldn’t it be better if instead of selling regular houses and get regular commissions, you get to sell houses with prices that are sometimes unbelievably outrageous and get commissions that are equally the same? That would be everybody’s dream. But what if there was a way to slowly turn this dream into a reality? What if, there was a way to sell houses with prices so high, it makes your commission so fat you wouldn’t know what to do with it? Would you be interested to know more about it? Or would you rather stick with what you’re used to and just work with what you have?


When you are an expert, or even when you just APPEAR to be an expert, people will acknowledge your credibility, respect your opinion (even pay for it), seek your advice and counsel, listen to your suggestions and they will always make room and time for you in every event. So right now you’re in regular real estate, you’re earning good and you’re in a roll. When will you start challenging yourself and move in to selling luxury real estate? When will you move out of your comfort zone? When will you grow?


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