Understanding the Present Market for York County

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York County is growing - growing from people moving from California to New York and from Minnesota to Florida.  People are coming for a better lifestyle, better climate, employment transfer, or purchasing their second/vacation home.  The "transplants", as the locals call the influx of people, are surprised  'how expensive' both homes and property are; the mindset is:  South Carolina (York County) is a cheap place to live.    Not really.   Less expensive?   Yes, less expensive than a lot of areas in the country.

 Your local York County REALTOR(R) has the job of educating the people that are attempting to relocate into this area.  Usually this education process means doing a lot of home/land showings until the potential buyer has a change of mindset about what they can get for the money they wish to spend.   It means pulling up and printing out MLS listings, preparing comps, and just doing a lot of honest talking about the market, the area, the economy.

We are all in an adjustment period -- an adjustment for how our economy is affecting the real estate market, an adjustment to a realistic objective of purchasing power for the buyer, AND an adjustment to the realization from the seller of how much land is in demand, or that there is a more-than-ample supply of homes on the market and how that affects price.   It is the simple economic principle of supply and demand that runs York County's real estate market for 2008. For more insight, check out www.YorkCountyHomeSales.com.

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