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Whether the Real Estate Market is slow or busy, there are always those who say, “The market is slow”. Yet always, even in down times, there are those making a great living. What do they do differently? More then anything else-they think differently and they act on it!


How you think is how you become-it has always been so. If all you worry about is a “Bubble” then upon you a bubble may fall. Even in the slowest markets there are still people buying homes-it IS better then renting and there are those with money buying second homes. When markets slow, you need to gain market share to maintain a steady pipeline. You do this by having a gameplan and executing it while staying upbeat about the business. Don’t cut your commissions to try to win a listing-get aggressive and guarantee to sell it and win the day with a better job done. In a down market, word will spread even faster if you are one who can get it done.


Successful people in this business are always too focused on executing their plan and building their dream to worry much about the market around them. Even during the Great Depression there were fortunes made and homes bought. We are certainly not in a depression or even a recession. Second home sales are booming-hardly the mark of a weak market.


So if your business is slow first, look at your marketing gameplan. Second, amp it up with effort. Working harder costs no money-just application by you. Anyone can do it. Eliminate all activities that don’t drive sales and focus with a positive attitude on the future. When you do, good things will happen!

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