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Chhosing a realtorEeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe…………….only kidding!

You need a Realtor, but it’s been ages since you knew or were working with a Realtor and you’re just not sure who to contact. Many of the same questions, hesitations and strategies connected with seeking out professional assistance in any field comes into play when you’re selecting a real estate agent.

Some people find an agent through a family member or friend. This is often a reliable approach. But you might not always find the most compatible assistance this way. And in a transaction as important and intensive as buying and selling a home, that can be critical. This is not the time to hire Mary Smith or Tom Jones just because they are nice or you met them at a your country club or played bridge with them. Do they have marketing skills, are they a tough negotiator, what experiencesdo other buyers and sellers have working with them?

Regardless of how you get an agent’s name, it might be worth interviewing at least a couple before you make a final decision – or at least arming yourself with some criteria to go over with any agent who has been recommended to you.

A few things to look for:

If you’re looking for an agent to list your home, be wary of anyone who suggests they can get an unreasonably high sales price. An agent might use a high listing price to secure a contract, only to seek a lower price later, after little traffic is generated at the initial price level. Meanwhile, you’ve lost what can be the most critical time period in selling a home – the first weeks immediately after it’s listed.consider the facts

Check on experience, education and productivity. As with most professions, experience pays in real estate. Experienced agents like myself know the market and the marketing process. We’ll have the best chance of quickly and smoothly helping you to buy or sell your home. Ask if it would be okay to contact a few of their other clients. You canmeet my clients here.

Does the agent know the market? I work in the Palm Springs Desert Area consisting of (9) different cities. Ask how many of these cities have they listed and sold in.

Has your agent invested in their own website, or are they just listed on their Broker’s website for free?

When you list with that agent, does their brokerage advertise your home locally, nationally or Internationally? Why is this important? International exposure means your home is marketed to a vast audience all over the world, not just in the local MLS marketplace.

Is the agent part of a national network? I am a Certified Residential Agent (CRS) agent and we do a great amount of Referring to other CRS agents in all parts of the US and out of the country. This can be especially important if you’re selling in one city in preparation of moving to another. This means I, as your selling agent, can refer you to a professional, compatible agent in your destination city – and keep in close contact with that agent so both your selling and buying efforts are closely coordinated.

And a final point: You need straightforward, reliable information – even if it’s not necessarily flattering regarding the home you’re selling – or very encouraging regarding the home you think you might want to buy.  When I am working with a buyer or seller I would rather be honest with them rather than lie to them or “sugar-coat” a bad situation. That’s just not how I work. I’ve lost a few buyers and sellers because of that, and a few told me they regretted the fact that they did not work with me because the other agent promised them all sorts of promises which never materialized.

So the next time you’re “Picking a Realtor”, pick with your head. Would you hire an intern to do brain surgery on your loved one, or would you look for the best? I’m not a brain surgeon, but I happen to be an excellent Realtor  with a great amount of experience and knowledge which you can benefit by. Just give me a call. “I’ll keep the Light on for you!”

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Chrissi Chapman Topoleski
Coldwell Banker Realty - Woodbridge, VA
Helping agents live an exceptional life!

You offer excellent questions and considerations for finding the right agent. Nancy Hankin is your go-to in Palm Springs!

May 18, 2016 04:37 AM
Nancy Hankin
RE/MAX Real Estate Consultants - Palm Springs, CA

Thanks for stopping by Chrissi and thanks for the nice comments. Many of my buyers are from the East Coast, Midwest and West Coast. We are a second home, vacation home and retirement area, so many of my buyers and sellers don't know a neighborhood Realtor....which is why "Picking the Right Realtor" can be a challenge. If you are interested in Referrals to this area, you might want to let your database know you have a Palm Springs Desert Partner out in California! Just a suggestion.  Enjoy a great day!

May 18, 2016 10:34 AM