Top 4 Reasons People Are Moving To Clayton, NC

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Better Home Prices

One of the main reasons people decide to move to Clayton, NC is the great deal you can get on a home. Home prices have traditionally been lower in Clayton than in other towns in the Triangle and the lots bigger. In fact at one time you could buy a new house in Clayton that the builder was building in Cary and pay thousands of dollars less for the...exact same house. The most expensive homes in Clayton , custom built luxury homes with every feature you could imagine built by quality local builders using the finest materials available will only cost you a fraction of what you would pay in North Raleigh, Cary or Chapel Hill.


Clayton area schools get rave reviews from parents and students alike. Johnston County Schools, for the most part operate on a traditional calendar year which is important to many parents. The schools nowadays are graded and so come of the schools have higher grades than others and they tend to be the ones everyone wants to go to. Students in Johnston County Schools are assigned to a school based on their current residence. This gives parents the ability to only look for homes in the subdivisions that match the school they'd like their kids go to. So for example if you wanted your child to attend River Dell Elementary you could search for homes in your price range but only in that school's boundary map.



People are moving to Clayton, North Carolina to retire and it looks like there will be more retirees than ever settling down here. Retiring to North Carolina is nothing new, the beautiful coastal cities and towns, the mountain cabins and condos or the golfing opportunities in Pinehurst have been attracting retirees for years. Now there are communities all over the Triangle that cater specifically to Active Adults or the 55 Plus generation and other communities that offer more assisted living. Clayton is now seeing these communities being built such as Evergreen and Sweetgrass with more in the planning stages. A new 24 hour full service hospital in Clayton gives retirees peace of mind along with access to excellent health care facilities through out the Triangle is a plus. There are a number of groups for retirees to join whether their interest lies in sports, arts, gardening, history there is something to do.

Moving To Clayton, NC

The Weather 

So people don't all of a sudden say we're moving to somewhere where it's warmer, but weather plays a big role in how people commit to living somewhere new. Clayton has four seasons which has attracted what are now as half-backs, these are people who move to Florida to escape the harsh winters of the north east. Then they miss the changing seasons which you don't have in Florida but they don't miss them enough to move all the way back to New Jersey, so the move half way back and settle in North Carolina. The mild climate allows people to spend more time outdoors playing golf, walking and biking or enjoying their kids sporting activities. Baseball tryouts start in February down here! The lack of enormous amounts of snow and the misery that accompanies said snow is a big incentive for people to move to Clayton. While we do get snow every once in a while it doesn't stick around long.

More Thoughts About Moving To Clayton, NC

These are a mere four reasons people are moving to Clayton, NC if you would like to learn more about this wonderful southern town check out my website and feel free to call or text me at (919) 601-2268 with any questions you may have. If you're planning on making a trip to see what we're all about I'd be happy to show you around.




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