Do you Want to Make Money with Ebay Without Posting Products?

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There is a Great Opportunity awaiting that I have recently discovered. There are Realtors from all of the country already earning money with this opportunity part-time or full-time. If you have just a little extra time to spend this can be very lucrative.

My Shopping Genie allows ANYONE to take advantage of the Ebay Goldmine. Introducing the first Ebay compatible appplication that allows individuals and businesses worldwide to earn substantial income from Ebay without posting products.

Go to to preview the free software and download yours today. Agents simply give away My Shopping Genie for free and earn when others save money by purchasing from eBay. It's simple, it's lucrative and it's ingenious full or part-time income.

It's also ideal for business owners who seek a 'value-added' giveaway or a customer appreciation award - and, who welcome having another income stream.

At any one time eBay has 60 million product listings worldwide, with 5 million added every day. eBay's 220 million users purchase $18,000 worth of goods every second of every day, generating $161 million in sales PER DAY.

Now, My Shopping Genie presents the unique opportunity to earn a piece of the eBay pie.

My Shopping Genie is seeking Sales Leaders to roll this product out all over the globe.

While anyone can earn with My Shopping Genie, Sales Leaders who sign on now will have the 'first to market' advantage and the opportunity to advance into management of sales teams that span the globe.

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be at the top of a new product launch and reap ongoing residual income from your efforts.

Simply go to to preview more of the opportunity.

I am excited about earning additional income during this rather slow and unpredictable real estate market.

Matthew Rosov
Amerisave Mortgage Corporation - Laurel, MD
Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist
Good Information to have - but have to take off of the Mortgage group - sorry.
Apr 29, 2008 02:07 AM