When Life Throws You a Curve Ball

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Working late into the evening last night, as I’ve frequently been doing, I had left my client’s house and was headed back down the interstate. In the darkness, I saw a shadow. You know how you can see the fuzzy image of your eyelashes or your hair… not when you’re looking in the mirror, but right in front of you? Well, a new shadow appeared there. Quickly it descended in front of my face. Yikes! A spider must have fallen on my head as I walked from my client’s house, under the trees, to get back into my car.

I was in the fast lane, so I couldn’t just pull over and deal with it. I swiped it off my head, flinging it somewhere. Somewhere? Was it on my leg? Was it on or in my purse? Was it climbing back towards me?


Focus, Monica. You’re driving. You can’t check your car’s interior. Turn off that interior light and focus. What’s the worst that can happen? So he climbs back on you, makes a surprise appearance again. You can handle this. It’s only a spider.


A vision of a poster that I’d seen once came to mind. It was a picture of a dragon and inscribed next to it was something to the effect that "I can deal with the dragons in life. What I can’t handle are the spider webs and the chewing gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe."


I think that’s true of us as REALTORS. We handle the big issues. We deal with them, tackle them, tame them. It’s the little things that sometimes become our undoing.


I took a deep breath, and no, I didn’t inhale my little companion, and continued down the road. Granted, I did give myself a thorough pat-down when I got out of the car. No spider.


Today, I hit the ground running. It wasn’t until I was back on the highway that I remembered my buddy from last night. So, I just turned up the radio, hoping he liked the music.


When life throws you a curve ball… or a spider… keep driving.


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Larry Johnston
Broker, Friends & Neighbors Real Estate and Elkhart County Subdivisions, LLC - Elkhart, IN
Broker,Friends & Neighbors Real Estate, Elkhart,IN

Hi Monica Hill , You're right about handling the big things, but like you, I would rather not have to deal with snakes, spiders and ticks. Yes I said ticks, they give me the Willies!  

Definition of Willies:  When panic sets in and you lose all sense of logic, throwing your hands and arms in all directions, dancing irratically, yelling and screaming, while onlookers point and stare! 

May 25, 2016 06:53 AM
Monica Hill

I had to fight those same Willies, Larry, but thankfully, I won. Now as for that spider...

May 25, 2016 12:20 PM
Nina Hollander, Broker
Coldwell Banker Realty - Charlotte, NC
Your Greater Charlotte Realtor

Hi Monica... I think I'd have reacted very similarly if I thought I had a spider passenger in my car with me.

May 25, 2016 07:07 AM
Monica Hill

And Nina, he might well still be there. So many places to hide.

May 25, 2016 12:21 PM