What Is The Best Way To Proceed If Your Framingham Ma Home Didnt sell?

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  What Is The Best Way To Proceed If Your Framingham Ma Home Didnt Sell


When you ist your home with an agent, you need know their experience, negotiation ability, and marketing program to get your home full exposure to the market i the shortest amount of time. Even though it is a sellers market, and homes are selling quickly, you still need to price your home correctly to sell at the highest price possible. This usualy happens in the first month of being listed. You also have to keep your home in top shape and in a very saleable condition that will generate buyer emotional appeal when they walk through your Framingham home. Some upgrades will lead to a higher sales price, but most will just help its abaility t sell faster and for more money compared to similiar neighborhood homes.


On of the greatest things for selers in 2016 is that their Framingham home will have may buyers fighting over the home, which will bid up the final sales price. If you price it right from the start , you will hep to sell your home faster and for more money because you will be able to get more offers doing it this way. If you overprice your home, you will help sell similiar homes to yours , instead of your own. Homes dont sell for 2 reasons:

1) Price- If you price your home to high for the market, neighborhood and for the homes condition, you                       may still sell but net less money in the long run. It is always smartest to price accordingly from                     the start because you want all the attention on your home from day 1 of the listing.

2) Marketing-This is much less common the reaso for not selling your home. If a home is not overpriced       for its condition, it will usually sell, and in thus market quickly.

There were 228 sf homes that sold over the last 6 months and the ave.days on market was 75. The only reason it is that high is because this includes luxury home sales too which always take longer to sell. these were homes from 150K to 3.5 million. 

The Best Way To Proceed If Your Framingham Ma Home didnt sell is to seek out a Realtor who is a marketing specialist, a top negotiator, and will take active steps (not passive) other agents wont to get your home sold. If you use the same agent, the chances other they are too comfortable in the position they are in and will not change their approach to get the job done. A different Realtor will be or should be fored up to get the job done for you, and take more aggressive steps to help you sell your home now. You already seen what your first agent can do, and it was not good enough. 

I specialize in selling homes that didnt sell the first time. If you need a no obligation consultation we can meet and i can do two things for you: 1) Tell you why your Framingham home didnt sell the first time

                                                                     2) Give you some tips to help it sell the next time you put it back on 

                                                                          the market.

                                      Call me today!


                                      The Best Way To Proceed If Your Framingham Ma Home Didnt Sell 



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