Succulents: Remarkable and Robust

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Spring seems to be the perfect time to spruce up your home. Warm weather and dirty hands are a perfect match. There are countless options for your flower beds or planters, however one type stands out as being very hardy, easy to care for, and beautiful. Succulents!

Succulents require very little water. During their growing seasons, once a week is all they need. They prefer to get wet, then completely dry out before their next dousing. In the winter when they go dormant, once a month watering is all they need! Even a busy real estate broker and rancher like me can handle that. There are many varieties that tolerate the cold up to 40 degrees below freezing. They can be planted outside and return with new babies year after year. With their variety of shapes, sizes, and colors they create stunning displays in your garden. I love how they look in a rock garden, spilling over the edges and packing themselves into tiny cracks.

In Baker City, we are lucky to have the Succulent Hub, which carries a large variety of succulents and cacti. They make a wonderful gift too! Check them out if you are local. The Succulent Hub

Happy Planting!

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