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Why is it so important for the blended family to acquire a home after joining the families?

Joining families can be a wonderful experience. It can also be a rough road full of pot holes.  One important step for a blended family is to acquire a "new" residence together after blending the family.

There are many emotions tied to ones living space.  When one family moves in with the other, it is forever known as "their" house, not "our" house.  This can be especially true in respect to children.  Personal space issues, having to share where once they did not, as well as their basic sense of security can all be brought into question with the upheaval of moving or making room for newcomers.

As such, it is important that blended families make a "new beginning" at a residence that did not belong to either spouse.  This can be rented but on many occassions is purchased.  Because of this necesity, several issues arise.

  • -Should both spouses own a home, it can mean two homes going on the market at once.

  • -Home buying can be especially tricky when taking into account the needs of all the family members.

-The financial aspects of selling and buying a home for a blended family can be an overwhelming way to start out.

While it is very important to start fresh and create neutral territory for which the new blended family can begin growing their roots, it does not have to be done immediately.  Simply understanding that it needs to be done and planning for it is the first step.  In the event that it takes some time to move that direction, do make some effort at meeting individual family members needs for space and security. 

The home is where the heart is and when blended families come together it is especially important to give the family the space it needs to thrive and grow.

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