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Day of Rememberance - Memorial Day

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Today we celebrate Memorial Day. Most everyone either knows of a veteran or someone who has serve their country to protect the freedoms we get to enjoy every day and often take for granted. I wanted to give a shout out to veterans I've known in my life.


Cyrus Bonnet - Thank you for selling my wife and I our condo three years ago. I also want to thank you for serving our country in Afghanistan during the war following 9/11. 


Larry Todd - My great uncle who served in WWII and was onboard a navy ship during the attack on Pearl Harbor. While he didn't share many details with me over the years before he passed, He did tell me that was one of the most scariest moments of his life and was grateful to live when so many of his friends fell that day to the bombing that occurred. Thank you for your service to our country and showing me how to live a happy life. Your smile and kindess will never be forgotten.


Peter Grytness - My grandpa served on a carrier in the korean war during the 1950's. I could write a novel on what my grandfather has done for me over the years, but most importantly thank you for teaching me the best lessons in life; to forgive and remain humble for what you have and what you get in life. Its the impact you give others that fulfills your life.


To the veterans who golf at American Lake in Washington. Its an honor to play golf with you and hear the stories of your service. To see such a dedicated group of veterans helping each other out brings a sense of humility and humbleness to my life. There is so much in life we take for granted and yet its the simple things that keep us close and moving together in life. Thank you for your sacrifice.


To all the other veterans who have survived wars and those at home who take care of our veterans, Thank you for all that you do. You've protected our freedoms and allowed the United States to stand strong in world full of chaos and uncertainity. Word simply aren't enough to show my gratitude for your service.

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Great reminders to honor our vets and those courageous souls keeping our country safe.

May 30, 2016 09:24 AM