Evaluate Your Space

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Summer time is a great time to evaluate your living space and think about what makes the most sense if you have been thinking of a home remodel Columbus, Ohio. When you are entertaining people throughout the summer start to think about what renovation would make your home a space you can grow into and fall in love with all over again.


Here are some great guidelines to think about when considering a renovation:


Balance Your Priorities

Begin exploring remodeling options by first looking at what can be done within the existing footprint of the house. By thinking creatively about the available space, you may discover that no additional space needs to be added. Instead, problems can be solved by rethinking the locations of each activity area within the existing footprint.


Examine the Space

It's a common temptation to think about remodeling in terms of rooms. However, that approach can limit potential solutions before the project begins. Instead, create a list of activities that need to be accommodated, recognizing that the activity will require a place, but not necessarily an entire room.

Study Storage
Evaluate the home's existing storage areas, including cupboards, closets and pantries. Many homes have too little storage in places where it is needed most. A little well-designed storage in the right place can replace a lot of poorly designed storage; opening up some much needed floor space in areas that are currently too small.

If You Need More Space, Bump Out a Little
Bumping out a section of wall by just a few feet can add some much needed square footage without making the whole area too big — a common error in many add-ons. A bump out that creates an alcove or a small extension running the width of a room will keep costs down while maintaining the scale and proportion of the existing house.

Work With Windows
Few things can have as much impact on the character of a room as the shapes, patterning and positioning of the windows. In any remodeling situation, an interesting composition of windows can add personality to both the inside and outside of the house.

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