5 thoughtful gifts for graduation!

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Being a parent is the toughest job, but it can be the most rewarding! Watching your child graduate this season is an emotional day, we sit and watch as our babies grow up to be these magnificent creatures with their own thoughts and ideas! They are finally going off into the great big world with a certificate of acheivement!! How better to celebrate their achievement than a suprising gift! 

These ideas are for the moms and dads that feel, TIME & REMEMBERANCE is more important than a gift card to the itunes store :)

Top ten thoughful gifts to give your little adult:


1. Scrapbook

So.. for me.. High School, even though it may seem like it was yesterday.. it was a way long time ago! But every so often I like to flip through some of my old photos. I do this for 2 reasons. One, because it brings back all the feels of highschool. All my friends and all the good times, sometimes i like to think about all the heartache as well (don't pretend you don't do this). Second, through a single picture I am able to reflecct on how much I have grown and I am astounded by the successful woman that I have become.

Imagine your graduate having all of that, in one little book. All the meories and a little snippet of quotes from the dear old parents. They might not be able to appreciate it now, but just wait.. (like most parenting tactics, the fruits are always after the labor)


2. Matching Tattoos!

I know, I know!! The thought of your sweet bundle of joy getting permanately marked is a terrifying one. But if your child is into tattoos they are going to get one anyways.. Wouldnt it be cool to have one to commemorate all the love you two share for eachother! Plus, if you get it some where highly visible it might be that daily reminder to "wash your hands before you eat" or "make good choices".


3. Engraved Key Chain

How exciting! They are going off to college and are going to have there very own key to their very own room! They are going to need something equally as special for that! Getting a key chain engraved with a special phrase you two share would be that equally special gift. 


4. Books, books, books!

Your child is going to have tons of books to cart back and forth, from the dorm to class, from class to the library. A bookshelf is definitely a need! I can hear you now, you're saying "What's so special about a book shelf?" Well the bookshelf is'nt just a regular book shelf, the bookshelf comes with their favorite childhood story with it. This gift is not only conservative, but you get to add "you will always be my baby" feel to it :)


5. Backpacking

Whatever your childs goals are after college, they are going to need a starter fund. Decorating a mason jar with the title of there venture on it is such a cute idea! You can also make this into a little game. "Whenever you call home I will place a $1 in the jar" This way it makes it to where they have to call home! :)


I hope some of these ideas make it a nice emotionally charged transition for you and your little adult! 


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Libby Cousins
Extraordinary Processing - Spokane, WA
Contract Mortgage Processor, licensed in WA

I am so glad to have come across your blog Wanda. It has reminded me that I need to get a graduation gift in the mail! Though it will not be any of those items, which are very thoughtful, I know that the graduate will have no problem figuring out how to spend it. :)

May 31, 2016 08:24 AM
Kristen Correa, Broker
Kristen Correa Real Estate & Reedy Creek Realty Services - Keller, TX
I love coffee & real estate. I am out of coffee!

Isn't it fun to celebrate good times? Count me out on the tats. I intend to be the last one living without ink or elective surgeries, so my kids better just, you know, ask me for a house or something ;) :)

May 31, 2016 08:24 AM
Sarah   Hollaway

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Aug 14, 2018 04:57 AM
Hamilton Landon Real Estate - Apple Valley, CA
...Marketing your home like no one else will.

I love the mason jar and I'll put a $1 in everytime you call.  It's always a nice thing that you want to talk to your kids when they are 18.

May 31, 2016 08:31 AM
John Pusa
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Crest - Glendale, CA
Your All Time Realtor With Exceptional Service

Wanda Chacon Torres These are very good list of graduation gifts.

May 31, 2016 01:29 PM
Betsy Meyer

cool wik

May 21, 2019 08:53 AM