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Adrienne helped my wife and I buy our dream home. I am writing this testimonial as an honest review. We closed on our home approximately 6 weeks ago; the initial euphoria and the adrenaline have now subsided, and so this review is an honest assessment of my experience being a first time homeowner and working with Adrienne.

I highly recommend Adrienne. Especially if you are new to this process, and need someone to give you the right feedback and advice, I recommend her doubly so. She was my agent during the home buying process, and I can tell you that she fought for me and my interests every step of the way, right from looking for a home through to after closing. She made what is inherently a very complicated, lengthy, and opaque process a breeze.

What makes Adrienne so good? When I started doing “research”, which is basically reading articles on the internet about the home buying process in New Jersey, I was left with a whole bunch of questions about mortgages, home inspections, legalities involved, and whatnot. I found Adrienne’s information on Zillow and reached out to her. If memory serves me right, she spent over 2 hours spread across 3-4 phone calls just answering my questions. Note that I did not “sign-up” with her. Never did she even mention representing me. She was there to help. There was no pressure of “let’s meet and talk”, or “let me show you a few houses that I have”. And that’s what me and my wife love about Adrienne: she’s there for you and not merely for your business. Through the whole process, Adrienne was never more than a text message or phone call away. She was always available, and she always gave the advice that was right for me, which included pointing out shortcomings of the property that were not evident to my eyes, even if it meant that I would walk away and she would not get to make the sale.

Adrienne is fast, and she is highly motivated to get you your home once you have made a decision. In my case, she determined a competitive price, and made the first offer within 6 hours after we liked the house. 6 hours! She processed the counter offer, advised me on pros and cons of the counter, and then had verbal sign-off from the seller in 8 hours. Me and my wife went from “we love this house!” to “this is going to be our home” in a space of 8 hours. She worked over the weekend to get the formal offer out. We had signed acceptance in 24 hours!

I also got access to Adrienne’s network of trusted attorneys, lenders, home inspectors, surveyors, and contractors. She gave me multiple options for each, and she urged me to find my own and compare rates and fees, which I did. I can tell you that Adrienne’s network gave me the best deals. They have worked with Adrienne for years, and every one of them turned out to be thorough professionals just like Adrienne. They have seemingly infinite patience to answer questions, guide you along the right path, and they will tell you if they don’t know the answer instead of giving you a convenient one.

Along the way, Adrienne explained how the housing market, especially the buyer’s market works. Once again, she did not need to do this, but she did because I had questions and doubts. Her wealth of experience and knowledge about the central New Jersey housing market was invaluable to me. She not only negotiated a price that was very competitive, but she got me credits for house repairs that I would need to invest in once I moved in. Throughout the process, Adrienne sent me reminders if something was due from me. Second installment due? I had a reminder text from Adrienne. Home inspection schedule? There was another text.

Adrienne’s involvement and help did not stop after closing. She gave me access to web based tools (for free!) that make setting up utilities, forwarding mail, and finding movers a snap. After I moved in, Adrienne stopped by to make sure that everything went smoothly (I have a 3 year old who makes the process very tough), and that there were no surprises waiting for us. She sent me a list of contractors, plumbers, roofers, and handymen just in case I needed any.

At this point, she is more of a friend than my realtor. I cannot thank her enough for helping me and my family through this complicated process, and I would highly recommend you to get in touch with her. Remember, you can ask her all the questions you have without worrying about signing up. She will be there for you.  

Somindra Bhattacharya

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