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Real Estate Postcards Ideas That Get Seller Leads (Part 1)

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After $1.3 million spent mailing various real estate postcards ideas, I found 3 BEST real estate postcards ideas that generate the most seller leads. So let’s talk about them...

What Are You Trying to Accomplish With Your Real Estate Postcards Ideas?

The first thing to consider when researching real estate postcards ideas is, “What is the focus of your real estate postcards? What are you trying to accomplish?”

A frequent answer is, “I want to brand myself in the community. I want seller leads to think of me when they start thinking of selling their home.”

So with that in mind, let’s talk about “Real estate postcards ideas that get seller leads.Real Estate Postcards Ideas that get seller leads I A common answer is, “I would like to brand myself within a community. I want sellers to think of me when they start thinking of selling their home.”

With that in mind, let’s address: Real estate postcards ideas that help find seller leads.

3 Real Estate Postcards Ideas To Get Real Estate Seller Leads

Let’s start with the most important thing to understand about real estate sellers and how to get listings. If you want seller leads picking up the phone calling you, you have to do two things:

  1. Show them that you have a presence in the community.
  2. Give them confidence you can sell their home better than other real estate agents. You want to prove that you are a safe bet realtor – that you will sell their home equally as well, if not better, than other real estate agents.

Only when they are confident in your ability to sell in their community will seller leads call you. So this is the crux of any real estate postcards ideas you focus on.

Postcards Ideas To Get More Seller Leads:

Here are some things I’ve learned after spending over $1.3 million mailing real estate postcards. And, by the way, I test and track everything. I’ve tested and tracked the results of more real estate postcards ideas than probably anyone else. I’ve interviewed, studied and analyzed the results of some the top real estate agents mailing real estate postcards and have learned the best they had to share on getting seller leads and listings.

And what all my testing and interviewing has confirmed is this:

If you want great real estate postcards ideas to get in seller leads, the most important thing you have to do is convince seller leads you are actively selling homes and are a “safe” bet to sell their home for the most money.

So how do you do this? Let me share the three best ideas on it.

Idea #1 : Just Sold Postcards That Actually Work

The first real estate postcards ideas that get more seller leads is, believe it nor not, the simplest of the real estate postcards you can do. It’s sending Just Sold postcards.

The value of just sold postcards is they show seller leads you are actively selling homes, giving them confidence you can handle their home, too.

However, as with any real estate postcards ideas, there are some things that work a LOT better than others when it comes to mailing Just Sold postcards.

Many realtors make mistakes when sending Just Sold postcards by sending them to only a few homes around a sale they made.

Why is this a mistake? Think about this...

Most agents sell all over the city. Imagine you get Just Sold postcards from an agent who just sold a home near you. Since she doesn’t sell another home near you for another year or two, you never get other just sold postcards from that real estate agent for several years.

So when it’s time to sell your home do you naturally think of that agent? Of course not.

Why not?

Because she only sent you ONE of her Just Sold postcards ... and it was a year or two ago. And receiving one Just Sold postcards doesn’t make much an impression. You don’t even remember her. It’s practically worthless.

So one of the most important concept in real estate postcards ideas, if you want to get more seller leads, is you must send them over and over again to the same homes. And this is especially true with Just Sold postcards.

Seller leads need to see your real estate postcards frequently. And marketing is a “layered” effect. Each touch you make adds a “layer” in their mind. So each time you send them one of your Just Sold postcards it adds another layer, increasing your chances of them calling you.

Here’s a simple way to do it.

Pick an area where you want more seller leads consistently to get more listings. Then, every time you make a sale, go ahead and send just sold postcards around the home you sold (as you do now). But also send the same Just Sold postcards to everyone in the community where you want more seller leads and more listings.

The more times homeowners get your Just Sold postcards the more seller leads you’ll get. And you’ll get tons more listings!

It really works! That’s why this is one of the simplest, most effective real estate postcards ideas you’ll ever do.

However, you can get even more results, even more seller leads, when you add #2 of the real estate postcards ideas.

I’ve got to stop and take a break. So I’ll post the next 2 real estate postcards ideas on the next blog.

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