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Top 5 Postcards Ideas that Generate Prime Seller Leads (Part 1)

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Here are the TOP 5 real estate postcards ideas to generate prime seller leads.  These are the BEST real estate postcards ideas we’ve tested out of over 2.5 million postcards mailed by our clients.

These 5 postcards ideas can be grouped into two groups of postcards :  long term postcards and short term postcards.

Real Estate Post Cards Ideas to Get More Seller Leads

The long term postcards, focused on educating seller leads why they should use you, generate the most prime seller leads you’ll ever get, but they take a while to start working.

Conversely, the short term postcards, focused on direct response marketing, generate prime seller leads immediately but begin to lose effectiveness over extended periods of time.

So, with that said, let’s jump in and start with the longer term, higher producing real estate postcards ideas first!

 Real Estate Postcards Ideas #1:  Just Sold Postcards

The easiest postcard ideas to generate is prime seller real estate leads is a Just Sold postcard.

I’ve mailed millions of postcards for my clients. I’ve interviewed many of them on what postcards ideas have worked best with them.

Here’s what I’ve found...  Sending Just Sold postcards is the easiest and most effective way to generate prime seller leads.  It can take time, but if you’re willing to do it consistently you won’t find another single  postcards ideas that works better to get real estate seller leads.

Why is that?  Why are "Just Sold Postcards" so effective?

It’s because Just Sold Postcards lets the prime seller leads know you are actively selling homes.  And that is the #1 reason they call you.  Prime real estate seller leads want a successful real estate agent to sell their home.

And here is a powerful secret you can use to be even MORE effective with Just Sold postcards...

Repetition is key in postcard ideas to generate prime real estate seller leads.

Don’t send Just Sold postcards like other agents do!

You see, most agents only send Just Sold postcards to a handful of homes around the home they just sold.  That that means is most homeowners never see but one of your Just Sold postcards every few years.

The REAL key to great results ... the key to generate “boat loads” of prime sellers leads asking you to sell their home ... is to send Just Sold postcards over and over again to the SAME people.

So part of this secret is your Just Sold postcards don’t have to be in the same neighborhood where you are sending them.

Sure, you can still send Just Sold postcards around the home you just sold, but BE SURE to send them to the target neighborhood where you want more listings as well.  Keep hitting that target neighborhood over and over again.

One of the questions I get asked a lot when talking about postcards ideas is the concept of “reach vs. frequency.”

What I mean is this.  When you mail Just Sold postcards what is more important -- reaching more people or touching the same people more times?

In other words, will you get more prime seller leads sending 1000 postcards to 1000 people ONE time, or by sending 1000 real estate postcards to 100 people TEN times each?

If you want more prime real estate seller leads then frequency is more important than reach.  Mail your postcards more times to fewer people.  And Just Sold postcards and Just Listed postcards are great ones to send.

The more you touch the same potential seller leads over and over with different postcards the higher the response you’ll get.

So focus your efforts in a single neighborhood.  Keep sending your real estate postcards to the same people over and over again.  That’s one of the most important postcards ideas you will ever learn.

Real Estate Postcards Ideas #2:  Just Listed Postcards

The next postcard idea that generates prime real estate seller leads is Just Listed postcards.

Just Listed postcards are similar to Just Sold postcards, except they aren’t quite as effective.

They do, however, tell prospective sellers that other prime seller leads trusted you enough to list your homes.  And that’s important.  Sellers want to use agents others trust.

If you don’t have a current Just Listed homes in the neighborhood you want to target, consider sending Just Listed postcards from any other listing you have, even if it’s across town.

You might ask, “How do I handle sending Just Sold postcards or Just Listed postcards into a different neighborhood than where the sale or listing occurred?”

That’s easy!  Here are several tips...

First, leave off the address.  That way potential prime seller leads won’t be concerned your Just Sold or Just Listed home isn’t in their neighborhood.  After all, whenever I get Just Sold postcards and look at the photos, the homes all look familiar ... even if they happen to be miles away.

Second, if the home styles don’t match (the exterior of the home you just sold has a different look than those in the neighborhood you are targeting), no problem.  Simply show an interior photo on your Just Sold postcards or Just Listed postcards.  Just make sure the interior is similar to the homes in your target area.

And just as with the Just Sold postcards above, if you want more success with postcard ideas and actually generate prime  real estate sellers leads every month, you have to break out of the thinking most agents do.

Most agents only send Just Listed postcards around homes they just listed, much like they do with the Just Sold postcards.  And they always display an exterior photo and the address.


Because that’s what everyone else does.  LOL!

What other agents do doesn’t always work.  So if you want more prime seller leads, follow THESE real estate postcards ideas, and not those of other agents.  J.

Real Estate Postcards Ideas #3:  “Reasons Why” Postcards

The third real estate postcards ideas is creating a series of “Reasons Why” postcards.

This is a special type of marketing that educates the prime seller leads why they ought call you.  The logic here is simple:  If you can’t tell them why they should call you, they won’t.

How do determine “reasons why” prime seller leads should call you?

Just go to your listing presentation! ...

The typical listing presentation walks seller leads through all the reasons why that seller should choose you.  So break your listing presentation into a series of topics. Create postcards around each topic, then mail them out.

It’s really simple when you do it that way.

Once you create a series of 10 or 12 “reasons why” postcards you’ll find this is one of the best postcards ideas you’ll have.  From my experience with our clients it’s even better than Just Sold postcards to consistently generate prime seller leads!

Here’s how effective is this idea?

One of our clients hired us to target a 1000 home community for him.  He had never marketed to the community before.  When we started there were three established real estate agents he had to compete with who consistently got the bulk of the seller leads in the area.

So we started sending out a combination of “Reasons Why” real estate postcards along with a few direct response postcards.  Within 7 months he had 14 listing appointments, and by the end of his first year he was the #1 selling real estate agent in that community!

Real Estate Postcards Ideas - to be continued...

This is probably a great place to stop for a break.

There are two more real estate postcards ideas I want to share.  These are the MOST important ideas if you want to get prime real estae seller leads immediately.

As I shared at the first of this blog, you can group these real estate postcard ideas into two groups:  long term postcards and short term postcards.  These first three ideas are the long term postcards.

On the next blog I’ll walk you through the final two postcards ideas ... the short term postcards.

Here's the link to the next blog - Top 5 Postcards Ideas that Generate Prime Real Estate Seller Leads – Part 2


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These are great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Jun 13, 2016 05:39 AM