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Your success depends on execution. Executing that gameplan, nailing those calls, hitting those outbound opportunities. Even personally, losing weight, quitting smoking, consistent dieting…it all hinges on nailing commitments to yourself and executing.


You went into this year with a gameplan…if you are like most, you are already way off plan and trying just to hold on. Why is it that some people seem to be able to execute and succeed while so many others fail? What is that key ingredient?


Well for starters…it begins with a plan. You must have a plan for your business, hopefully that is based on your strengths. Then you break that plan into the activities needed and then you schedule the activities into your day in blocks of time. And then you follow through.


It is in the following through that the mental games really begin. Most people have a lot of negative self-talk that goes on and it limits them. Some call it the “gremlins” in your head. You know how it goes, you start that workout routine or the commitment to 10 calls a day and then you slip up. Maybe you were up late with a crying child or you just overslept or you just let the day get away from you. Immediately the negative bashing begins, “I’m such a screw-up”, “I can’t do this”, “this is too hard, surely God doesn’t want me doing this since it is so hard”, “I just can’t get motivated”, “I always let the day get away from me” and so much more. These internal conversations then cause you to throw in the towel and move on to something that seems easier, meanwhile…opportunity slips away.


It is like that new habit is a mountain. Most start that climb up that mountain with the best of intentions but then they slip up. Keep in mind, EVERYONE slips up. Even the people that are great at execution. The negative self-talk will cause you to slide to the bottom of the mountain only to look up at this seemingly impossible task all over again. But people who execute don’t do that. They slip up, but then they stick that pick axe in the side of the mountain, dust themselves off and continue the climb up the mountain. And it gets easier and easier the higher you climb. The key is to be kind to yourself. Know that you will slip up but that the slip up is temporary. Understand that yesterday’s defeats do not equal today’s. You CAN be successful today REGARDLESS of your past. Your past does not equal your future….


So create new mantra’s or sayings that you will replace over the old negative self talk. Instead of the “market stinks” use “there are lots of opportunities in this market”. And there is! It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy as the opportunities in the market seemingly “find” you. I know, it sounds kind of new agey, but the Law of Attraction IS real. You get what you expect. Start expecting great things! Take this to everything you say that is negative and replace with positives. Instead of, “I always get sidetracked”, replace that with “I am a get it done person”. The more positive your words, the better the results. This week, next week, remember, the marketplace does not determine your success-YOU do. Start every week with the positive mindset and watch the opportunities explode.

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