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The importance of a trustworthy agent

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A trustworthy agent is important to ensure a successful real estate experience.   Once you have finally decided to move forward, you want to assemble a team working towards your goals.  There are many reasons people decide to relocate;  some people want to down size, some need to move due to work, and some want to move closer to friends or family.  Each relocation can have its challenges, having someone on your side can really make a difference.

There are basically four things that customers want from their agent.  All of these require a level of trust in your real estate agent.

  1. Sell the largest asset that many people have invested in. Reports have illustrated that the equity earned is a large portion of a family's overall wealth.
  2. Sell at the correct price. It is crucial that the proper selling price is set.  A selling price set too high will drive prospects away, while set too low will effect profits.
  3. Schedule for asset liquidation. There are a lot of steps required to sell real estate.  It is important to have a trustworthy agent who can help navigate time schedules.
  4. Set a fair fee for service. There are several businesses that will involved in a real estate sale.  An agent will help to ensure that the fees paid is in line with other vendors. Some examples would be inspectors, title agents, surveyors and appraisers.


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We work hard for our customers.

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John Pusa
Glendale, CA

Arbie Turner This is very good helpful report on the importance of a trustworthy agent.

Jun 10, 2016 01:59 PM