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Heard the saying, get while the getting's good? Enter Good, stage left...and right.

Here in the perpetually gorgeous Upstate, Lady Real Estate-Agency disclosure and lockbox key in hand-has bestowed upon us a plethora of outstanding property ripe for the picking.

Has the market adjusted? Absolutely, the state isn't economy proof.  But there are still heaps of bargains to be had and oodles of money still to be made.

Remember- the housing woes of slow-growth areas like manufacturing giant Michigan, and Rhode Island don't apply as astringently to South Carolina- ranked 9th by Time Magazine in population growth from July 2006 to July 2007.  Instead, the invasion of thousands of transplants to the Carolinas and Georgia has adjusted the Upstate market from the dismal national standard into something far less depressed. Think tropical depression as opposed to Category 5 Hurricane. And by the way, we expect 32,000 new transplants to the state this year.

Case in point-market research from November 2007 to January 2008, show the average time on market for an Upstate home hovers somewhere close to the 85 day mark. Properties in specific price points even move as quickly as 70 days.  Just a couple of states south in Naples, Florida, the average time on market is 215 days-more than half a year! The irrefutable facts-in-numbers are enough to sway the opinion of the most relentless housing market naysayers.

So breathe easy Upstate. Ready your contract-signing pens and let the buying begin. With rates at historic lows and sweet properties aggressively priced, now, like few times in the recent past, is the time to buy and sell.

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