Patience is a virtue! Next generation of buyers!

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April 29, 2008

Wow!  I had no idea what a challenge it would be to work with buyers and short sales.  It's like getting ready to take off in an airplane but you're delayed from taking off waiting in a cue with other planes ahead of you!  There are 4 or more offers in on these properties so you'd better be patient and ready to wait to get a response from the agent or better yet from the lender!  I must say though it's been a pleasure working with this couple who are the next generation of buyers from a very nice family in a development where I do a lot of farming and door knocking in Mission Oaks!  They are engaged to be married soon and a delight to work with.  I just hope we find them something they can call their own before their wedding day.  That would be the nicest gift they could receive.