Staging Can Be Very Stressful for Home Sellers....

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Some homeowners are not familiar with the concept of staging and can be rather shocked when we come in and start to remove their personalities from their homes.  I try to explain the process and why we need to depersonalize (aka declutter), before I begin my work but that does not always help.  In the end when the work is finished and the home is ready for the market, they are pleased with the results but it is that period between consultation and completion that can be difficult.  Any suggestions?

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Ginger Foust
Certified Staging Professional - Oakhurst, CA
Home Stager Oakhurst CA, Dream Interior Redesign & Staging

Your portfolio.  At the consultation show them the before and afters so they get a hint of some of the changes that will take place AND comment on those changes as they browse your photos. 


Apr 29, 2008 01:23 PM
Cindy Bryant
Redesign Etc. Home Staging - Houston, TX
"Houston Home Staging Pros"
You'll also find that people are really excited about about the whole process, which is extremely fun!
Apr 29, 2008 04:07 PM
Wanda Richards
Long & Foster Real Estate - Roanoke, VA
Great points!  I am working on my portfolio now.
Apr 29, 2008 10:35 PM
Emma Vargas
Simply Staging - Cameron Park, CA
Simply Staging

Wanda-  I've learned that you can go through all the proper steps, like showing them the before and afters, explaining the process, even repeating that it's not a personal attack on their tastes ('til I'm blue in the face) - some people will never be comfortable with the whole process.

I've hurt peoples feelings (not on purpose) no matter how tactful and professional I tended to be, it just doesn't matter.  Some folks are extra sensitive, but if you can get them to agree that Staging is the right thing to do, just do it, get through it and once you're done - that's when it pays off.  The "awkwardness" that some sellers feel while you are creating your magic - disappears when they see the final results.  Good luck!  Emma

Apr 30, 2008 05:26 AM