Stay away from FSBO Trac

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I subscribed recently to FSBO Trac.  That was a mistake.  I signed up for the 3 month subscription for about $100.  The software to manage the contacts looked pretty good and i was looking for a service to supply me with fsbo data. 

The software and the data turned out to be pretty lousy...I'm being polite.  I contacted the company a couple of days later after I'd really given the product a try to see if they would refund my money, but of course, they wouldn't.  What a terrible customer service policy.

Beside the fact that the software is pretty marginal, the data is the real problem.  You must select the data by area code, which is just way too broad of a selection criteria in a place like metro atlanta.  You'd maybe get one or two leads that were anywhere near you and the rest would be all over tarnation.

Anyway, it was only a $100; I just wanted to save the rest of you the expense.  Try other products; only try ones that offer a free trial period.  DO NOT use FSBO Trac.  I'm not just bitter here.  I know a thing or two about software and this stuff was junk.  They couldn't even get all the typos out of it.

Happy prospecting.


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David Spencer
Keller Williams Northland - Kansas City, MO
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For local business, I find local farming the best choice. If the lead isn't local, fat chance of converting a FSBO.

See you in Feb. 2008

Feb 23, 2007 10:39 AM
Phil Peterson
Don't know what FSBO Trac does exactly buy you might try REST (Real Estate Success Tracker). Well designed, great support, great support materials (movies, guides, etc.)
Apr 18, 2007 02:35 PM
Gary White~Grand Rapids Home Selling Pro Call: 616-821-9375
Flexit Realty "Flexible Home Selling Solutions" - Grand Rapids, MI
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They have an active internet campaign to get realtors to sign up.  I spoke to them as well, the only difference I did not part with the 100 bucks.  I have since blocked them to stop the everyday influx of emails from them.  The unsubscribe didn't work.  How has it worked since you stopped?

Gary White

May 11, 2007 09:48 AM
The Dunn Team Real Estate by The Book
Exit Realty Tri County - Acworth, GA

Thanks for the info Kevin. I just did a "Webinar" that was supposed to be about how to increas leads in 2008 but it turned out to be a sales pitch for FSBO Trac! I was wondering how good it would be in our Metro Atlanta Area with our crazy area codes. So, I appreciate the honest feedback!

 Best of luck to you in Alpharetta!

 Dianne Dunn

Dec 03, 2007 04:49 AM
Kevin Warmath
Warmath Real Estate @ Keller Williams North Atlanta - Alpharetta, GA
I'm glad someone was able to benefit for my experience.  It makes losing $100 feel better ;->  Good use of Active Rain if you ask me.
Dec 03, 2007 10:22 AM
Meewan Lee

I cancelled subscription on June 19 and received a confirmation by email. However, my bank card was charged for $149.85 on July 8th for add'l 3 months service. When I tried to go online to check status, my password did NOT work any more, which confirms that my account is cancelled. No one answers the phone when you call customer service. 

Jul 09, 2008 10:50 AM

I joined and I do not want to renew my subscription that will expire in 3 weeks.  I sure hope I don't have problems unsubscribing.

Oct 06, 2008 10:20 AM
Kevin Muhlestein
Signature Group Real Estate Cottonwood Heights, Draper, Utah - Draper, UT
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Does anyone have any experience with any other lead generation tools like RedX and similar?

Jan 17, 2010 02:24 AM
Guy Adams

Ok guys, they got me too. days after my 179.00 quarterly payment I've lost access to the site. lesson learned. Ouch!

Nov 24, 2014 06:05 AM