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So what do Real Estate Agents do? Keeping it “REAL”

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You see all over the news that selling your home is the way to go right now for the most money! It’s everywhere, I mean everywhere…even the neighbors are obsessed with knowing what their home is worth even though they really wouldn’t move and how much money they can get right NOW! As much as of this is all very true, it’s not as easy as you’d think. You can’t just throw up a sign in your front yard and expect it to sell by tomorrow and then on top of that get top dollar- um no think again. There’s more strategy to it.  Surprised?


Okay first off, I will admit, I am in the Real Estate business and I have been for a while now as a licensed agent. Before you stop reading this, I promise you I will give you a different perspective on this all. I have seen the ebb and flow of the market and all that is good and bad in the industry. However, people get the wrong impressions about Real Estate agents. They think that we are taking their money, and that’s it! But what they are missing is all that is crucial knowledge of what we actually do- well I can only speak for my team and myself. Here’s the breakdown:



It’ ALL about the Marketing ( ... and no it’s not just putting a sign in your front yard):


First , let’s talk marketing your home. We take pride in how we prepare your home to be live on the market. I have a team of people that specialize in all areas of the real estate transaction.  For starters, we have a full time Marketing Director & Listing Coordinator and her name is Lesley. She has a degree in Marketing and is a licensed Real Estate Agent. She helps you prepare your home and orchestrates everyone involved to do so. Even if your home needs a little more TLC, she can hire our contractor whom is very reliable and does quality work (I know… no offense contractors but the word on the street this is hard to find-sorry). To top it off, she markets your home before it goes live as well as when it goes live on the market on all social media websites, and real estate websites (we have access to over 100 of them!). Think of her as the Fairy God Mother who waves her wand over your home to make it sparkling for the big day.


Second, we have an in house Interior Designer whose name is Chelsea and she is a doll and she will give it to you straight. Besides, everyone has a different perspective on all the cat statues that you may have sitting on all of your shelves! Buyers will walk through your home with a crucial and very judgmental eye, so we take out all of the hurt and pain for you through her. Thanks gf! Oh and she’s a pro, she can even draw up 3D renovations of a potential project you may dream of (like that 2 sink, 5 piece master bathroom with a claw foot tub)- She can do it all.



Third, we have a team of professional house cleaners that will clean up your home from top to bottom that will prep your home for our professional photographer to snap the perfect shots in the perfect amount of light. Most importantly we will pay for this to be done for you- you don’t spend a dime! Can I get a hell yes?


Next, we hire our professional photographer that will swoop in, take photos with an artistic eye, and he will capture all that is lovely about your home. He will put together a virtual tour with high definition photos. If for any reason, it was a cloudy day then he can add in blue skies-I know so cool!




Inside Sales Agent:

Day in and day out (even before your home is listed), our Inside Sales Agent, Calleen will be calling around to find all of god’s good earth to help you find a buyer, spread the word about your home for sale, and let everyone know about your Open House. Enough said here! Drop the mic.


Most Importantly: Our Listing Agent

That’s me! I am the pro that provides you with all of the contracts & documents needed. I will explain every single line item. Even if this is your first time selling your home or buying your home, I will answer all of your questions and make you feel very comfortable with the transaction- there’s no hidden agenda here. I also am the pro when it comes down to negotiating, pulling comparables to get the price right, and knowing what’s happening now in the real estate market (as we know the market changes constantly). This is where I shine and in return we will take care of you from beginning to end. Also, an added bonus, I will fly a drone over your home since I specialize in videography. Videos are the new way to capture buyer’s interest on top of high-quality photos.


So, yes Real Estate Agents do a lot more then you think we do, especially when you work with The Blue Sky Home Group. We take pride in every step of the way to get your home picture perfect to sell it right, which results in only listing with us once. We work hard for you every step of the way and most importantly we know the importance of this major step in your life.

Our motto is list. sell.happy.’Now do you have a different perspective?



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