Buying a home? Here are 3 initial steps to consider.

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What should you do once you decide to buy a home? Here are 3 initial steps to get you started.


First off, congratulations, or should I say welcome to home ownership. Buying a home is a big decision.   There are so many do's and don't's, however, here are 3 intial steps that will help you in your buying process.


1. Choosing the right realtor: It is very important to choose the RIGHT realtor to help you with your buying process.  How do you know who is the best fit for you? What is most important to you? What are you looking for in a realtor? Is it someone that has great communication skills? Is it someone that has a team? Is it someone that is efficient? Write down what is most important to you as the BUYER.  The best way to hire a realtor is to ask key questions.

Next, go on different websites such as, and start researching for the RIGHT REALTOR for you. Take time to read the Yelp reviews or Zillow reviews. Do yourself this favor as it will help you in the long run, after all this is the biggest investment of your life. Wouldn't you agree?




2. Buyer Consultation: Why is a buyer consultation so important? Most buyers feel that the first step is to go out and view open houses before even consulting with your realtor.  Would you go out and buy yourself a pair of eye glasses before getting a prescription? 

It is important that you are ready, willing and able to meet with a realtor so they can help you decide what your NEEDS and WANTS are. What is the current market like? What kind of a home are you looking for?  What areas are you looking in? What are you pre-approved for? What is that, one might ask. Exactly--now you see why it's so important to meet with a realtor?

Once you sit down with your realtor and come to some conclusion of what each of your expectations are, you are now ready to move on to the next step which is to get yourself pre-approved!



3. Getting pre-approved: what does that mean?

The pre-approval process basically means, what is it that you are qualified to buy? Based on your credit scores, your income and other assets, what is your affordablity index indicating for you?

Your realtor will recommend to you names of a few reputable lenders or you have a choice of choosing who you feel is the right fit for you.  Keep in mind, this will be the person/bank that will lend you the money in difference of your funds that you have in purchasing the home.  It is very important to choose the right lender as well.  

Asking key questions such as: What will my monthly mortgage payment be? What is included in my monthly payment? What are closing costs, and so on. Your realtor should also discuss these pertinent questions with you prior to you making the right choice of which lender is right for you.

Now, the fun begins: this is where you are now qualified as a ready, willing and able. Meaning you are ready to go see homes. You are willing to do work with the right team/realtor.  You are able to financially buy a home.  Let's go! What are you waiting for? 



We are here to help you and your family move to the next level of buying a home.  How may we help you? 

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Janki (Hetal) Patel These are very tips to consider before buying a home.

Jun 17, 2016 10:17 AM