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I show quite a bit of property to my clients and the one thing I notice from home to home is how some people clean so well and others evidently just do not care how their home looks to the buyer, who I might add holds the money.  I was in one yesterday that had new carpet but there were several places that looked to be pet puke not cleaned up.  Yuck!!!   The other had mold growing in the master bath glass shower.  These people actually take showers in here.  Yuck again!!!!  I would never want to step foot in there WITH shoes on let alone WITHOUT.  lol

It amazes me how my clients want me to sell their homes but they do not want to do things to make them sell.  One of most important items is cleaning the home with a tooth brush and making it as fresh as possible.  Another would be to paint the house neutral and if they smoke the tan color on the walls is not what I mean.  lol 

When a client or myself walks into a home the first impression is the smell then what they see.   Most people can not smell their own home so it is up to the agent to let them know when listing their property.  This can be done in a tactful way but SHOULD be done.  Better to hear it from their agent than hear it from their possible buyers.

Landscaping is not weeding the beds.  lol  It is actually having modern shrubs, colorful flowers and that stuff the nursery calls "mulch".  lol  Most homeowners think that is dirt and grass clippings.  The first thing buyers ask while on the phone is where is the location of the property.  They want to drive by and see the property before they go in.  If you have dirt for mulch and shrubs that are 25 years old growing in a wall or fort around the home then what is the buyer to think about the inside of the home? 

All of the above is something to think about and take to heart if you are selling your home.

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Rob Muller
ReMax Town & Country - Canton, GA
Cherokee County Real Estate
These things are so important. It amazes me when a client seems surprised that they need to clean the home- and keep it that way while it is on the market.
Apr 29, 2008 11:45 PM