The Grass is Greener in the Columbus Real Estate Market

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No, I am not talking about the long green grass we all have been mowing twice a week lately!  I am talking about the Columbus Housing Market and some of the positives which seem to be repeatedly overlooked by the media bent on highlighting the negatives of our industry's downturn.

Recently, The Columbus Board of Realtors, The Columbus Housing Partnership, and The Building Industry of Central Ohio have united to get the word out to the public about all the good things happening in the Columbus housing market.  Through "The Grass is Greener Here" Campaign these organizations aim to inform the public about the reality of our current market through the following core points:

  1. The Columbus, Ohio housing market is healthy and stable
  2. It is a great time to buy
  3. Low interest rates are helping to keep the market strong
  4. There are many reasons to be optimistic
  5. Waiting too long to get a good deal could cost Homebuyers in the end
  6. Buyers and Sellers should talk to market experts and not allow the media to direct their housing plans
  7. Homeownership is still a great investment

Check out The Grass is Greener Here to get detailed information on each of these points and gain some insight into the Central Ohio Housing Market.

I will agree that the market has been tougher than in some of the glory days of the past, but homes are selling and Buyers are buying.  The national media can not be all wrong, but it is critical to remember that real estate is very much a local business.  There are always areas experiencing declines while others are seeing strong markets.  Making generalizations on a national scale can be dangerous and serve to further erode confidence.

If Buying or Selling a home in the Columbus area may be in your future, get the facts, get a good real estate professional and get moving!


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Chris Svec
Chris Svec - Columbus, OH


Keep spreading the word about Columbus!!  I bring people from all over the US into Columbus almost every week investigating Real Living's franchise opportunity and they are always amazed to learn about our size, affordability and stability.  fyi... I think one of your team leaders may have written the same blog earlier this week.

Apr 30, 2008 08:20 AM
Buddy Kain - Clarkston, MI


I came for the five day class on door knocking, I may stay, Eric is right, Columbus is great. My room at the Red Roof is OK but a foreclosure for pennies on the dollar in an old Dominion Sub in Delaware, THATS A WIN-WIN!

Apr 30, 2008 02:32 PM
James Wexler - Scottsdale, AZ

sounds like there are some great opportunities for the right investors. make sure they read your excellent post written recently about "so you want to be a real estate investor" before they jump in

Aug 08, 2008 05:28 PM