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I just finished up another blog post. This time about getting calls from Realtors, searching for homes online--kind of a bit of everything. Hope you enjoy.


How to not get calls from your Scottsdale Realtor


You decide you want to start looking for a Scottsdale home, and start visiting different websites.

Before you know it, you are being called by every Realtor, their mother, their father, and their offshore assistant.

Perhaps this is your first time buying a home in the last 10 years…and I am not defending the Realtor community even though I am a Realtor…but what did you expect?

It’s sort of funny to me. When someone walks into an open house, sometimes the Realtor asks questions, engages you in dialogue, stalks you around the house and you get annoyed. When you don’t get spoken to other than a “Hey.” You complain about someone not being helpful, or talkative. Yet, when you visit, and register/sign up, request info-you get frustrated that you are being called. I get it-you just wanted to see the awesomely remodeled kitchen, or see what the backyard looks like, but…

Scottsdale RealtorScottsdale Realtor

Sure, getting 1000 calls within 3 minutes is annoying but if you requested information you should be getting calls. And guess what, if you have a Realtor, you don’t really need to be going anywhere else other than to your Realtor. And if they aren’t giving you what you need, you need a new Realtor.

Furthermore, if you fill out a “form” about your home’s value. I will give you an insider secret {insert sarcasm here} go to Zillow. Any other time, you are telling the owner of the site to give you a call. Don’t act surprised and say “I just thought I would get an online value.” If you don’t believe Zillow is accurate (which I think it is usually more accurate than people think) go to Guess what, after you fill it out I will call you. I have nothing to hide. Do you?


Don’t want calls from Realtors? Don’t fill anything out. And don’t be “clever” by saying your name is Donald Duck and give your address. I’ll be there the next day making sure you get what you requested. And if you give me a fake #, I will find you anyway. That’s what good Realtors do.

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