Do You Own A Business Or Have a Job?

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real estate business or job What happens to your real estate    business when you take time off? Does the momentum stop? Does your business income slow quickly?

What happens to your business when you are busy getting new listings up and running and implementing all the marketing strategies? What happens to your business momentum when you are serving a number of buyers and spending day and night showing properties and trying to present and negotiate offers?

Is it a challenge to keep the momentum going and fill your funnel with buyer and seller leads and find time to just rest and reload? Is your business experiencing peaks and then valleys with huge ups and huge downs? Does it feel like you are driving a car that is skipping or missing or starting and then stopping?

These are all signs of an agent who has a job and an agent that doesn’t own a business. So where do you start when you are wanting to own a business and stop having a job in real estate you ask? I always recommend an agent begin the journey of creating an organization and owning a business by establishing yourself like any company and create a company culture.

So what does it mean to create a company culture you ask? Companies and organizations all have a “culture” and the root or source of their culture comes from 2 defining pieces. The first piece to the company culture is determining the Core Values and the beliefs and philosophies behind the organization. The tool I use with agents to identify their core values is the following tool. resonate the most with you and what values you would never consider breaking, changing or swaying from no matter what the reason. Look at these values and choose your top 5. Now that you have your organizational core values you need to find ways in which you can share these values with those you do business with. Places like your website, presentations, marketing pieces and more. These core values will attract and engage like-minded consumers to you and your company but more importantly identify you from all the other agents and let people know you can be trusted.

The second piece to establishing your company culture is creating your Corporate Charter, Mission or Vision Statement. All organizations have core values and a corporate charter that they measure how they do all things in their company, their purpose and why for what they do every day. Here is a template that will allow you to take your 5 Core Values and put them into the template and elaborate the rest into a corporate charter to establish what it is you do and why you do it.


The best example of Core Values and Corporate culture and mission statement is the YMCA or the YWCA. When you walk into the lobby you literally see their core values and the corporate charter on the wall of the entrance of every Y and it lets everyone know what it is they do and what they stand for as an organization. Set yourself apart from the herd of real estate agents and begin owning a business and stop having a job by having the foundation of any organization by establishing Core Values and a Corporate Charter for you and your real estate organization today!

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