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We here at ActiveRain have groups and within these groups we cover many ideas for blogs. Here's your cheat sheet, but  you already have it, you just don't know it.... Blog orange county Lauren Selinsky Realtor

A.) We blog about local events in our area ( I post in Aliso Viejo, Corona Del Mar, Mission Viejo and Lguna Hills often) and we add to our groups right before we publish our blog.

B.) We all at ActiveRain have selected a city to blog under. ( I am #1 for Corona Del Mar)

C.) When we blog we blog about our new buyers that just joined a certain community we just SOLD in. Some of us create flyers or are part of a house warming gathering for our buyers. If you are not, you should. It's memorable and another reason for your clients stay in your sphere. (I include a warm welcome note with their neighbors name for entire street only)

D.) Here on ActiveRain we blog, it's a  real estate blogging platform.  (My blog is )  #oclauren

E.) Also, another group here on ActiveRain is LISTINGS. Did you know when you check the box that it is a listing, it will automatically show up on the right side of your blog page. You can also check off Listings on Active Rain blog as well... You then can copy and paste a short URL and post on all social media. This is the case for A-E. Just saying..... ( I have joined these groups and add them when I blog about a listing as well as others...)

Bloggin real estate in Orange County CA Lauren Selinsky #1 RealtorSO, I GET THIS EMAIL FROM NAHREP WITH POSTINGS FROM RIS MEDIA AND IT'S ALL ABOUT REALTORS GUIDE TO SOCIAL MEDIA CHEAT SHEET..... Just like us here at ActiveRain, we use this cheat sheet on a regulare basis for years. Don't stop what you are doing rainers! It's considered Reatlors Cheat Sheet! Haaaaa! So, go CHEAT NOW!! Go dance in the rain...

So, I guess that's all a cheat sheet! Who knew???


A Social Media Cheat Sheet for REALTORS®

Matt at RIS Media goes to to say on this subject:

The realm of social media is constantly changing. Real estate agents use visually heavy platforms like Instagram consistently, so it’s always beneficial to stay on top of any changes coming down the pipeline. Today we’ll look at five crucial tips that will help you elevate your presence on social media.

1. Create Posts about Your Area Taking pictures of listings in your neighborhood or famous landmarks will generate buzz about that area. It’s a great way to get people asking about the house in the photo.

2. Post about Local Events Another great way to promote your local area is to post about events that showcase the liveliness and culture of your area.

3. Congratulate New Homeowners Without mentioning full names, you can show that you care by posting a photo of the keys (or something subtle) and congratulating the new homeowners. It’s a nice touch that people will appreciate.

4. Start a Blog If you’re having trouble finding things to post, why not start a blog? That way, you can create posts to share on your social media pages. You don’t need to write articles either; you can post pictures on your blog or create galleries.

5. Post Your Listings The biggest rule on social media is to post 80 percent non-business posts and 20 percent promotional content. Within that 20 percent, showcase your new home listings. Your presence on social media is crucial as a real estate agent! This post was originally published on RISMedia's blog, Housecall. Check the blog daily for real estate tips and trends. RISMedia welcomes your questions and comments. Send your e-mail to:


ANOTHER TWO BLOGS TODAY: 6/24 check them out.

What is a niche market?

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Rebecca Gaujot, Realtor®
Lewisburg, WV
Lewisburg WV, the go to agent for all real estate

Yes, I do posts these on my blog. This is great for newbies.

Jun 25, 2016 08:12 AM
CA COASTAL ESTATES Lauren Selinsky Perez CRS
California Coastal Estates - Aliso Viejo, CA
"Your Real Estate Broker" #oclauren

Yes and I hope they can start with a niche because our business can be beyond overwhelming. Why reinvent the wheel? Right?

Thanks for stopping by Rebecca Gaujot, the Go To Realtor® 

Jun 25, 2016 08:16 AM