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Marketing Our Way to a Better Real Estate Market For All

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Well, we are in full swing of the spring market!  This past year has been a roller coaster ride.   Sellers are gearing up for an exciting and busy selling season and the reality is that when the seller has the ability, they will price their home properly!   One hopes this will get the attention of the buyers!

One method I feel that will help move homes this season, is the FHA Programs, especially the Nehemiah Program which is proving to be one of the most trusted names in Downpayment Assistance programs.  I understand that this is one of the few true 100% program that can be offered to buyers at this time. 

I recently took a class offered by one of the top lenders in the Atlanta area, Wells Fargo.  It was very informative and after listening with an open mind, it changed my thought process.   I feel it could be one of the major answers for getting listings out of the "longer days on the market"crisis that we are experiencing in most areas.  

One of the biggest problems that I deal with when working with clients needing downpayment assistance, is that other realtors are not that educated on this Nehemiah Program and have never learned how to explain this to sellers at the initial listing meeting.   If sellers are better prepared at the initial listing presentation that this program could achieve a higher and quicker sale by publicizing and marketing this program on their listings, then I think we would see more homes selling faster and at higher prices.  In some areas, mls statistics are showing on an average, that homes list/sell percentages are much larger on standard conventional loans than what it would be on the Nehemiah Program.

I recently visited and viewed the websites for Nehemiah and discovered it offers so much in marketing for us realtors and consumers.  I would strongly encourage more realtors that are selling within the FHA pricing limits to check this program out.  It might be the one of the major pathways to a better market for all!

Izzy Zarrillo
Remax First Choice Real Estate - Westborough, MA

Hi Paula,

I enjoyed your blog. I am working with several buyers who are taking advantage of these great programs, it works extremely well when they don't have the 3% to put down for their FHA loan. It is great to be looking at all options for buyers who may be hesitant otherwise to even start looking for a home. I am working with Quicken Loans with a couple of first-time home buyers, and they have FHA and Nehemiah programs available to buyers.

It's a great idea to attend a seminar conducted by a lender, so that you can stay on top of new developments. Many of them have newsletters that you can sign up for also.




Jun 11, 2008 01:17 PM
Paula Parker Williams
PalmerHouse Properties - Venice, FL
"The Move Home Team"

Hi Izzy - Go the the site for Nehemiah www.getdownpayment.com and get educated through the realtor link.  It will educate you on scripts to use with your sellers when listing properties, but more importantly will get listing and selling agents involved so that they will begin to use this program.  It is the "way" to get our housing within FHA limits out of the slump.  Thanks for your reply.

Jun 16, 2008 06:35 AM