Blogging For Leads Part 2

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Blogging For Leads  Part 2

Wondering if you will ever make money from the time you spend working on your blog?  Take this little quiz and find out!

Test Your Blogging Knowledge

1) Your blogging efforts should be driving in a steady supply of fresh and motivated leads.  True or False?   (Answer -- TRUE)

2)  Getting your blog posts listed on page one in the search engines is important?  True or False?    (Answer -- TRUE)

3)  When you post a new blog you should not expect to see any fresh leads come in from it for months.  True or False?   (Answer -- FALSE)

4)  The only homework you need to do when posting your blog is to try to figure out what you're going to write. True or False?  (Answer -- FALSE)


From our experience we have observed there are three different types of bloggers depending on what type you are your answers will vary accordingly.

Number one is the Recreational Blogger this person blogs to meet good people and to have a great time doing so and nothing else.  They could care less about gathering leads and as a result spend all their time writing new blogs instead of researching what keywords they should be targeting for their business.  Sadly this type of blogger stands little chance of making any real money from their blogging efforts.

The second type of blogger here on AR is the Untrained Blogger who is  someone actually trying to get fresh leads in from their blogging efforts but has little idea how to do so.  Sadly this type of blogger spends most of their time performing pretty much as the recreational blogger because they do not know what type of activities they should be pursuing in order to drive in leads.  Unless they learn what the right activities are they also stand little chance of earning money from their blog.   (If you want help putting a blog together click here.)

The third type of blogger is the Professional Blogger.  This person is almost identical to the Untrained Blogger in that they are working to drive in leads from their efforts.  Professional Bloggers look to gather traffic from the search engines over to their blog post.  To do that they spend the majority of their time researching keywords in order to locate the keywords their prospects search heavily but which also has very little competition competing for the keyword.   It's this type of blogger who usually ends up capitalizing from their blog.

If you're an Untrained Blogger who is actually looking for a way to drive in leads from your blogging then you owe it to yourself to learn how to do so.  It's easier than you think.  You can give us a call at 517-483-3187 and we will be more than happy to share some great tips with you on what you should be doing.


Quick & Easy Tip

If you do not have the time to put a quality blog together our free internet marketing package is a great way to get started in blogging your way to more sales in your real estate career. 

What we do is set you up with a professional blog that is fully customized to your real estate business.  Click the above link for more information.

Do It Yourself Tip
To get started with your first blog just follow these simple steps:

1)  Create a free blog on .
2)  Go to (right now they are offering a free trial) and search for the keywords local residents enter into the search engines when they are looking for information real estate related.  (Will explain more on this in a later lesson).
3)  Write several articles and add them to your blog using the keywords you researched from step 2.  (Will also explain more on this in a later lesson too).
4)  Submit your blog url to the internet feeds and blog directories.

5)  Check your blog stats daily as you will start receiving traffic very quickly.

If you have any questions regarding this lesson please feel free to phone us at 517-483-3187!

See ya next lesson!



Victory Online University Staff
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Comments (4)

Jonelle Simons
Windermere Real Estate - Park City, UT

Here's another great tip I got from someone here on Active Rain to bring MORE traffic to your BLOGS... CLICK HERE!  I have found this to be a very valuable resource, and hope you do as well!


Apr 30, 2008 04:57 AM
Bo Buchanan
Kettley Realtors - Oswego, IL
Thanks for the tip - I am definitely an untrained blogger when it comes to maximizing my returns in the search engines.  Another thing I recently discovered - I should be putting a signature in each of my posts that contains my name, a link to my website and the towns I serve.  Have any suggestions on that?
Apr 30, 2008 06:42 AM
Denise Allen
Resh Realty Group - Chesapeake, VA
Realtor@ Chesapeake, Hampton Roads

Bo, look around at anyones posts and you will see signatures that people put on their own posts.

Apr 30, 2008 09:55 AM
Carla Harbert - Avon, OH
RE/MAX Omega: Lorain-Medina County Area

Well, I know enough about blogging to make me dangerous...just kidding. I am working and searching all blogging information to grow my business. I took one class "No blogger left behind" & it gave me the confidence to start doing more on my active rain blogs. But I have so much more to learn!!  - Carla

May 18, 2008 05:46 PM