Sewing is Becoming A Lost Art

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Sewing is Becoming A Lost Art

CharleyI grew up sewing. Learned how in school. I don’t think they even teach it anymore. Fabric stores used to be my favorite place to visit and pick up fabric and odds and ends to use at a later date. Not anymore. Can hardly find fabric I am looking for, and the fun trims and ruffles are long gone.

I have a new granddaughter, and some of the really cute outfits that they can only wear for a few months, before they have out grown them, are just outrageous in price. $50 to $100 dollars. I can make the same things for $6-$10 dollars. Yes, they take a little of my time, but not much. And I can customize something to a certain color or design, and can adjust a size if needed.

We drove by a commercial lot today, with buildings going in, and was asked what was going in. Well, I can tell you what is not going in! A fabric store! In fact I am seeing them close one by one.

I am amazed at how many women do not know how to sew a button on, or hem a pair of pants, or make a simple curtain panel, or hem a readymade panel. Hardly anyone owns a sewing machine anymore.

A few women still quilt, but that too is becoming a lost art. Our grandmothers and their mothers used to quilt out of necessity. Flour sacks and fabric from old clothing was used to make quilts to keep them warm in the winter. If they made a pretty one, it was Frontusually for a gift of some kind, and the recipient knew the hours of hard work, and perhaps the purchase or savings of special fabric needed and the design work that went into one, and it was treasured. And they should be, even today.

Fabric has quadrupled in price over the last few years. But still cheaper to make some things over buying them to get what you want or need.

Teach your sons to at least know how to sew on a button. Teach them to have a little sewing kit on hand. You never know when you lose a button or need a safety pin. I wish parents today would encourage children to learn the art of sewing. It teaches creativity and resourcefulness. And someday, may save them money in the long run, knowing how to sew or fix something themselves.

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