Real Estate Agent with Hodnett Cooper

A few years ago I attended the revival of David Mamet's play Glengarry Glen Ross, which reveals the seamy underside of the real estate business. It's a marvelous show, in spite of the portrayal of real estate agents as ruthless conmen. A pivotal moment comes when one of the bosses of the company gives the salesmen a lecture on success, which involves the acronym ABC, for Always Be Closing. 

Of course, it would be wonderful if we could Always Be Closing! The reason why, however, is not the cutthroat, sinister one that appears in Glengarry Glen Ross. Instead, all those closings would be an indication that we are matching more and more people with the perfect properties, and that we are helping more and more people sell their properties at a good price. 

Instead of ABC, then, I propose that our real estate production acronym be ABH, for Always Be Helping. We can only be successful if we are able to help people navigate their way through the real estate market process. Of course, it's wonderful to get paid! But that is only going to happen when we have matched a buyer and seller and helped move the property from the possession of one to the other. The more assistance we can give, the smoother the process, and the more appreciative the customers and clients. So ABH!

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